lawyer, attorney, seattle, white collar crime, criminal defense, healthcare fraud, tax fraud, controlled substances, grand jury investigations, forfeitures, The Law Offices of Allen R. Bentley is a Seattle-based boutique firm with 35 years of national experience in representing persons in federal criminal investigations and prosecutions.  We pride ourselves on the care, thoroughness and dedication with which we represent our clients

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     The law Offices of Allen Bentley operate on a fee-for-services basis, with fees calculated by reference to an hourly rate.   The billing is based on attorney time actually expended on a client’s case.  Our fee arrangements enable us to honor the client’s interest in assuring that all steps, needed to achieve the client’s objective, are taken. 

     In most representations, we require an initial deposit into our trust account in an amount considered sufficient to cover the legal fees and costs.  Necessarily, this amount varies with the nature of the case.  We issue statements on a monthly basis, outlining the legal time spent and the cost outlays for investigators, expert witnesses and other ancillary services and expenses.   Fees are transferred out of the trust account only after the client has had an opportunity to review the monthly statement.   Funds not needed for the representation, if any, are returned to the client upon completion of the case.

     Further details are provided in a customized written fee agreement that is entered into with each client after an initial meeting with the client and a preliminary assessment of the circumstances of the case.






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