lawyer, attorney, seattle, white collar crime, criminal defense, healthcare fraud, tax fraud, controlled substances, grand jury investigations, forfeitures, The Law Offices of Allen R. Bentley is a Seattle-based boutique firm with 35 years of national experience in representing persons in federal criminal investigations and prosecutions.  We pride ourselves on the care, thoroughness and dedication with which we represent our clients

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     What qualities should a person look for in choosing a personal attorney, to respond to a criminal investigation or pending criminal charges? In our view, three qualities are vital – dedication to the client’s interests, objectivity in presenting and evaluating the client’s choices, and experience within the legal system in which the client’s choices must be made.

     Dedication.  The Law Offices of Allen R. Bentley is a client-centered enterprise.  By and large, we are serving an individual whose freedom, reputation and finances are at stake.  We believe that in this process effective representation and the achievement of client objectives are paramount.  We value hard work, sensitivity to client concerns, and the fostering of open channels of attorney-client communication.

     Objectivity.  In more than 40 years of practicing criminal law – as an Assistant United States Attorney, as an Assistant Federal Public Defender and as a private practitioner – we have found that the most successful attorney-client relationships are those characterized by mutual respect, trust and honesty.  When lawyer and client work together as a team, good results most often follow.  We recognize that one of the things that clients want from their counsel is an assessment of the odds, based on a thorough review of the facts and the law.  We are comfortable making such assessments, and we do not allow the affection we frequently develop for our clients to prevent us from offering frank and unbiased advice. 

     Experience.  The practical experience of Allen R. Bentley is unrivaled. He has tried more than 70 jury trials in criminal cases, both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. He has repeatedly achieved not guilty verdicts in trials conducted in the Western District of Washington. The bulk of his experience as a trial attorney emphasizing criminal defense has been in federal court in Seattle, but during his time as an Assistant United States Attorney, he tried numerous jury cases in New York and one extended non-jury trial in Miami. Recently (2013), he successfully defended a potato grower in a seven-week crop insurance fraud case tried in Richland, Washington. He has also represented clients in grand jury proceedings and other matters in the federal courts in Anchorage, Portland and Los Angeles. He has represented the accused in complex criminal tax and fraud cases in the Washington Superior Courts. He has litigated dozens of appeals in the federal appellate courts.

Dedication, objectivity and experience – over many decades, these qualities have characterized Allen Bentley’s legal work.  They are qualities that will continue to be manifest, should you, in a time of legal trouble, turn to the Law Offices of Allen R. Bentley for help.

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