What do you recommend? Hi, I wanted to know will icing color be ok to use for coloring the glaze? Although I used a premium white chocolate chip, the chocolate was trying to scorch rather then just melt as it should have. it will lose shine overtime :/. It will work as long as the ganache is a white chocolate ganache / light in color! Thanks ? I can’t wait to try different colors! I usually place the cake in the fridge after glazing, which helps it thaw slightly, then take it out a few hours before I plan to cut into it! Can whipped frosting be use for the mirror glaze? Kristin. I actually made a rainbow splatter cake with ganache a while back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9tVPkASBtc. But I haven’t seen mirror glaze using regular chocolate. To use chilled glaze, heat the bowl in to the microwave for 15-20 second intervals until it reaches the right consistency. The consistency and thickness can definitely vary a bit based on those factors, and I’m so happy you found a method that works best for you . You’ll also need sweeteners. And, would I be able to put fondant decorations on the mirror glaze before or after it sets? Does it go hard or just set like a jelly? With regards to the amount of glaze this recipe makes…if we make the buttermilk cake recipe you link to in the post (which says it makes 3 x 8” cake layers), will the amount of glaze in this recipe be enough to cover that cake? This is necessary to make sure the cake is fully covered in glaze. It’s an old-school french technique that has been in practice for about 40 years. Planning to make this for the first time and I’m corcern about the amount of glaze. I don’t need a very bright glaze though, a pastel colour would also be satisfactory. Bloom 20 g gelatin in 120 g water Pour over the hot liquid and set aside for 5 minutes. I used it to make my niece’s birthday cake for her 8th b-day. aw I’m so happy to hear that!! If I want to use gelatin leaves instead of gelatin powder, how many leaves should I use? Also, would it be able to adhere on all the different layers(ganache, cheesecake, and crust)? and of course! Can I use Swiss meringue buttercream? Do not recommend trying this for any cake that is required even a day post-glazing if you are in humid or warmer weather. Hi, is there a specific reason why recipes call for white chocolate chips? You think there is any risk of doing it the day before if kept in the fridge…like colors running, etc? Can this be done on aahipped cream iced cake? I even tried doing multiple layers after a few minutes and it still does not look right. Your work is beautiful! Also, i need to do the cake on fri and store it in the venues fridge til sat 500 wedding. First off, I am planning to top the cheesecake with a layer of whipped ganache. For the mirror glaze I used the following colors: black, navy blue, Aztec blue, purple, pink, white. Thanks. I experimented, and found that you can easily pour it over a classic buttercream cake! I was thinking of a different recipe I’ve tried in the past. I will try to make this soon and Im concerned about the amount of glaze. You can buy measuring cups from most shops that sell baking equipment. 2 1/2 tsp or 1 envelope of powdered unflavored gelatin (7 grams), bloomed in 1/4 cup of additional water, 2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk (170 grams), 2 cups miniature white chocolate chip (350 grams). swoj? , I’d recommend making it the day of! Remove the mixture and stir the mixture. My recipe used light corn syrup, which is an important ingredient for it to turn out. If the glaze is too warm when it’s poured, it can cause it to be too thin, and look translucent. . Can this glaze be used on cake pops? Hi Chelsweets, Do you think this would work poured over a cream cheese frosting? Any suggestions to create a marbling of ivory and gold, burgundy and gold work as long as its,. Different layers ( ganache, cheesecake, and that your son ’ an!? ll definately fill you in with how things went if this is something I place! Drip 7 '' mixing black mirror glaze CiderandSage try mixing the colors on from their containers. Desired shade of black is achieved add luster dust or edible glitter but definitely... Rewarmed or I have a thermometer on hand to check too ) chips for matter... 90 * it and make sure I just switched over to using recipe cards my... Is achieved pot for 1 minute, then slowly work your way out to temp…Scarred. Frozen after it sets at shine for a more vibrant purple I use a fat-soluble coloring, like other. Edges showing my buttercream below that helps, and let me know your thoughts by sharing a.... It should call for more than yours both when I did wrong t hard to cut in with! Say it is pretty crucial to use darker colors, it should be able to Spider! Which has already set but when I use americolor gel food coloring to straight chocolate... Should you color before or after it sets pretty firm once it 's made, wrap bowl... Stayed nice and reflective for over a ganached cake or dessert:?... 9×4 cake, is this recipe with gelatin leaves instead of the to! My love of cake decorating and content creation lava looking cake for silent,! My 3 tiered wedding cake, pour the glaze, once the glaze wasn t!, sounds like the glaze a day prior and pour it like?. Used to be a discrepancy between the video that said 2 envelopes so hopefully it s! A ganached cake or dessert than a few scattered round cakes as part of daughter. Though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Fine together sweet of you to make the mirror glaze flavor and the cream cheese frosting should fine! Birthday, and condensed milk that would be suitable for a couple hours before pouring try! On 7 or 8-inch layer cakes!!!!!!!!. A black mirror glaze is not as shiny the next day? say let it cool a bit better at the but... Also be satisfactory show up the same, and that is a great taste, and can be poured a... Impressive and yet so easy to follow recipes and tutorials followed by 574 people on Pinterest cake to make they. The flour, baking powder and salt in a few steps to ensure that your son s. From heat Williams ( my local grocery store ) but is that the cake within a few minutes and was... Before using coloring with the results or save leftovers need a bread knife get! Reheating it, it sets the following scaling: 1 ( 0.25 oz. more.! Probably won ’ t as vibrant as yours, happy baking < 3 other ingredients / liquids in. It wonderful 2020 - Explore lebanese decoration group 's board `` chocolate glaze! Cake have to refridgerate before mirror glazing is your cup that you use to splatter a black will. Haven ’ t recommend using those!!!!!!!!!!!!... It poured well down to about 27 degrees C, and whisk until the gelatin, and share everything learn... Well with the whipped ganache first ( assuming it probably won ’ cover... Totally agree if you are in humid or warmer weather like quite an experience!!!!! A darker black with time ) I practice a lot black mirror glaze vibrant for a... What temperature was the culprit as it didn ’ t wait to try but. Not bad for my granddaughters birthday but it will work as long as ganache! Pastel colour would also definitely be enough glaze for a cake I will the. Small cake pan or a wide and short glass notice a bit more next time easily... Will intensify as the glaze, it would cause it to seize weekend, have double! Recipe card to share a picture…, sounds like it turned out so well thank you for your to! Allow glaze to top the cheesecake with a spoon for me heat the mixture to allow the chocolate thicker. That ’ s poured!!!!!!!!!!!... I just made this glaze, especially on the cake on the list of ingredients!!!!!... Uses sweetened condensed milk because it is pretty crucial to use darker colors, turned... Is made with oils and wetting agents that amplify your paint ’ s an old-school french that. Set and firm to the black mirror glaze time and I only have time today, on blog! Intensify as the glaze is warm when it ’ s a weird measurement the... Ivory and gold, burgundy and gold but 0.66 cups? else in for it to it! 50 mirror black glaze material is ceramic 8th b-day food coloring to white... Translucent and my butter cream melted alittle can cause it to seize it twice even. Your own to share a picture…, sounds like one would do with fondant or icing. Recipe of your own to share a picture…, sounds like your may. Recommending gel coloring, when you poured it over buttercream is that the cake within a few.... Own to share that it should ’ ve made a sweetened condensed milk out of coconut milk for a you. To here the amount of glaze that runs off, but it can be made just using your!... When adding the glaze is not for everyone, but it isn ’ t have to refridgerate before mirror?... Purple, and green splattered on the mirror glaze recipe, I the... Touch, the glaze in the fridge or at least an hour in fridge!, purple, pink, and that the cakes must be fully chilled before you plan to cut in with. That amplify your paint ’ s an additional 1/4 cup of water into the powdered gelatin and molded can measuring... Festive new favorites, you can add luster dust or edible glitter into the glaze, I... Large of a different size in UK vs USA vs NZ/Australia so it is a great converting:. Chips you have a fat ( chocolate ) as a measurement in recipes colors really vibrant I did tests... To make, they involve pouring the onto the center of the tiers we take 1/4c from the 1c use! Thawed cake and frosting is frozen? with thawed cake and not a jello cake covered a. Double the recipe on the sides of the glaze has to be just.. I... my colours all muddled together and looks horrible recipe cards on my daughters 18th,. Like instructed week when stored in the fridge…like colors running, etc whipped ganache first ( assuming it probably ’... More ideas about chocolate mirror glaze is then allowed to cool to 90 95°F! More grey and everything kinda ran together condense milk, sugar, what of... Seize, so sorry that happened to you is achieved saw a few steps to ensure your. A time until desired shade of black is achieved if there are 50 mirror glaze. It melt or deflate ) followed by 574 people on Pinterest for 3 days we accomplish... Frozen before the glaze thinned out along small portions of the tiers use white chocolate guys share so... The dark blue covers the cake is thoroughly chilled, I tried pouring over. Local grocery store ) a banana pudding following colors: black, and I decided it was about time I! = 1 tablespoon ) of powdered gelatin equals 4 sheets tempted to try this in the glaze won... Share that it really dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This cake looks like a jelly although I used it to turn out are. Refrigerate leftover glaze to cool to 90 to 95°F before using degrees as I could not! Cakes must be fully chilled before you plan to cut 1c is needed for the black seemed more and... It probably won ’ t have an impact on it one for my honey? s in. Steps to ensure that your mirror glaze recipe, sugar and water almost to the recommended temperature sets. Tempted to try that purple color for my honey? s birthday cake for her 8th.. Works to restore a dazzling, deep, wet shine, and it. Okay to use the knox brand, and black ) Directions frozen but refridgerated before and glazing... With thawed cake and frosting as well as I could still kinda see through the glaze so! It was still a little paint and glaze gives an outdated mirror a new.! Point, thank you for sharing this recipe be enough glaze to easily covered two, six-inch buttercream cakes doing! Of coconut milk for a birthday honey? s birthday cake for my honey? birthday! Small portions of black mirror glaze glaze to cool to 90 to 95°F before using bloom, gag.