Innate Immortal Flame Used Firmament Bear’s Soul Crystal - 6 years. World Creation Yellow Dragon Bloodline (Chapter 2645), Breaking into Sovereign Realm transforms into Saint Pulse. Earth Dragon Later, after showing his martial spirit to Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou they confirmed one of his spirits to be Top Grade 12 and the other to be unknown but speculated that it should be at least Top Grade 13, if not higher. Dragon Essence Invincible Conqueror Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. 446). The Shade of The Death God appeared and formed True Undying(immortal) Physique . Refines 20 World Creation Level Pills and innumerable other Grand Dao pills from various superpower's treasury he robbed. World Creation Yellow Dragon Bloodline (Chapter 2645) Found and integrated with Purple Grandmist Aura dragon, Netherworld King’s Jade Jade 4th Restriction: ~8 years, Subdues Primal Chaos Black Tortoise Thunder Pond ~16 years, Slaughtering Two-headed Devil Dragons - 1 year and 7 months (total time from the start of the trial-tenth floor), Heavenly Court Thunder Pond (Black Light Chaos Lightning Pool and Blue Wood Chaos Lightning Pool) - 4 years, Refines Myriad Curses Devil Stele - 2 years, Refines the Second Half of Heaven - 9 years, Subdues Primal Chaos Purple Phoenix Thunder Pond and Primal Chaos Heavenly Wind Thunder Pond - 11 months, Refines the Imperial Beast Demon Tablet - 4 year, Refines the Profound Divine Demon Tablet - 3 years, Refines the Ancient Heavenly Court - almost 20 years, Refines 20 rank 1 and 2 Spiritual Matter of Heaven and Earth: 31 and half years, Refines the 36 Azure Lotus, Darkness Golden Fruit and Nine Dao Grass- ~40 years, Refines Beast Barbarian Thunder Pearl (half)- 3 years, Refines Light source pill - 3 years and 6 months, 8th Layer Grandmist Parasitic Medium - 18 years, Refines a Grade 6 Heaven and Earth Pill: 1 years (~3-4 years since he ascended to Saint World), Refines 20 Primordial Chaos Purple Qi: 4 - 5 years, Divine Soul starts Transform Into a Saint Soul(still incomplete): 3 - 4 months, Refines Saint World Essence: ~6 years of travel to Saint Heaven Organization, Apparently Slow, Makes Everyone Else Want To Kill Themselves - 1 year of fighting and absorbing Evil Demon Palace's Disciple to evolve all his Saint Spark,Saint Pulse and Saint Physique around rank 300, 10 Years Of Uninterrupted Fights and absorbing Evil Demon Palace's Disciple to evolve his Saint Spark,Saint Pulse and Saint Physique all ranked within rank 100, Refines Saint Yuan of Mid Saint Expert- after 10 years HXL breakthrough to peak late 10th order, Less than 50 Million years from when he started cultivating. Origin 1512), Floating Twilight Land & Grandmist Lands Arc (Ch. Despite Huang Xiaolong's full charge, there are two Elk, Light Angel take action, but it took half a day to completely remove the Evil God Emperor Palace Treasure Storehouse. Earthen Heavenly Stem Chaos Lightning Pool (5th ranked Thunder Pond) Currently, the devil’s army was in the midst of preparing an attack on the Divine World. Blue Wood Chaos Chaos Lightning Pool (8th ranked Thunder Pond) Huang Xiaolong diligently cultivated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium as much as possible before arriving at the Land of Penalty. 3 Archdevil Bloodlines - (Revealed in Chapter 1604) Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu stepped up and inquired cautiously. Profound Divine Demon Stele (Obtained at Chapter 2037) Therefore, despite knowing that Huang Xiaolong had amazing talent, he didn't hold much confidence in Huang Xiaolong defeating Wang Biaoyuan tomorrow. The rift above Huang Xiaolong's Qi Sea was his Saint Realm Space formed from his comprehension of the space law, and what surprised Huang Xiaolong was that his Saint Realm Space differed from Zhao Chen's and Ao Baixue's, whose Saint Realm Spaces were both were of singular color. Refines a Drop of World Creation Yellow Dragon Blood Essence and ~3.000 enemies' Dao Souls. Romantic Interests 390). Primordial Divine Blue Dragon The rift above Huang Xiaolong's Qi Sea was his Saint Realm Space formed from his comprehension of the space law, and what surprised Huang Xiaolong was that his Saint Realm Space differed from Zhao Chen's and Ao Baixue's, whose Saint Realm Spaces were both were of singular color. Race Vermilion Bird Divine Flame Huang Xiaolong is the main character of the novel Invincible Conqueror.He reincarnated in the Martial Spirit World after dying at the age of 17.. 1513 - Ch. "We will wait in ambush for our little rabbit prey, Huang Xiaolong!" Bloodlines Contents Such a great opportunity to gain merit, they naturally couldn't miss it. Dragon Clan's Noblest Bloodline His World Creation Yellow Dragon Bloodline has the Strength of Nirvana and Absolute Ice and Fire. Huang Xiaolong Godhead Buddha Dragon 9 Transformation Huang Xiaolong didn't feel the slightest discomfort, even when his whole body was covered in a layer of dragon scales as if they had always been one entity and he could obviously feel his outer defense had reached a new threshold. Azure Dragon Divine Flame It should be noted that the Primordial Divine Blue Dragon has never appeared before. 14.1 Martial Spirit World Lin Xiaoying exclaimed in secret (amazed by Huang Xiaolong's Grandmist Saint Aura Golden Dragon (chapter 2444) 1 Introduction 2 Personality 3 History 3.1 Saint Heaven Arc 3.2 Abyssless River Arc 3.3 Trial of blood Arc 3.4 Tuo Saint World Arc Lin Xiaoying is the direct disciple of Clear Snow Palace one of the Four Great Saint Lands. After a while, Huang Xiaolong came to a collaboration technique called Ba Duan's Cultivation Technique, Battle skill auction store. Fourth Transformation at Highgod Realm 1st Order During the awakening of his Martial Spirit, the Huang Clan mistakenly believed it to be a variant of the grade 7 double-headed Serpent. Transformation Bei Xiaomei Peng Xiao Fang Xuanxuan Fei Yanzi Silvery MoonWindy MoonZhang Yuhan(Earth)Wang MeiqiTao Han'er 1194) Fire Water Earth Metal Wood Wind Thunder Darkness Light Destruction Obtained by Saint Beast Egg at Chapter 2260, One of the most Top Level Saint Beast in the Saint World. Nine Colored Fox-Phoenix 1513 - Ch. True Dragon Body Asura Bloodline(Asura Physique)Etheric Physique Elusive Body Soul Devouring Physique 3 Archdevils' Physique Ascending Demon Body Bright Divine Body Saint Physique Body of Grand Dao Heaven and Earth Dao Body Star Dragon Body Huang Xiaolong Four people walked into the large gate, perhaps because of the dawn of the day, the trading front hall was also slightly deserted. Starcloud Continent Arc (Ch. Human Born from the Thunder Beast Egg from Winning 1st place of the God Promoting List in Mortal World. M artial Spirit World Huang Wei (Killed) Huang Ming (Killed) Huang Clan Manor (Removed) Nine Phoenix Valley (Removed) Big Sword Sect (Removed) Martial Ning Family (Removed) Clear Cloud Pavilion (Removed) Yao Fei (Killed) Yao Family (Removed) Ao Baixue (Killed) Yao Shan (Killed) Li Molin (Killed) Deities Templar (Removed) Chen Tianqi (Killed) Guo Fei (Spared/ Crippled) Guo Zhi (Spared/ Crippled) Chen Dingyuan (Killed) Zhao Chen (Punished) Xie Hui (Punished) Wind God Cult (Removed) Yíng Tian (Killed) Cosmic God Cult (Removed) Black Turtle Galaxy Wang Na (Killed) Liu Yu Qi Bo Jiang Yu Lu Rui Other Galaxies Ying Family (Removed) Zhao Family (Removed) Yale Family (Removed) Beiyang Family (Removed) Jiang Family (Removed) Zhang Family (Removed) Good Fortune Sect (Spared) Vermilion Bird School (Spared) Azure Dragon School (Spared) Divine World Wang Wei (Killed) Bi Luo (Killed) Zhu Feng (Killed) Ouyang Family (Removed) Monster Buddha Clan (Removed) Xiao Family (Removed) Sea Clan (Absorbed) Nine Yin Great Corpse Clan (Removed) Ghost Refining Sect (Spared) Ancient Demon Clan Wan Shi Zhu Wanchen (Killed) Lin Family (Spared) Yuan Elephant Sect He Family (Spared) Zhao Wuya (Killed) Li Qingyang (Killed) Chen Hao (Killed) Zhao Wuya (Killed) Wei Chao (Spared) Crazy Lion Divine Sect (Spared) Giant Tribe (Spared) Clam Tribe (Spared) Hun Dishan (Killed) Soul Tribe (Removed) Ouyang Family (Removed) Wang Family Origin Dragon Sect Twin City Sect Guo Gang (Killed) Guo Jin (Killed) Wangu Ziyi (Killed) Ouyang Yunfei (Killed) Hu Qi (Killed) Wang Wei (Killed) Yang Liming (Killed) Tan Lin (Killed) Zhu Feng (Killed) Xiao Family (Spared) Sea Clan (Subdued) Gu Clan Slaughtering God Sect Howling Wolf Clan Nine Yin Great Corpse Clan Dun Ai Dun Hao / Child of Light (Killed) 1 History Although the Liquid Thunder Arts weren’t as good as the Body Metamorphose Scripture, but once it reached major completion it would be very powerful, comparable to this world’s Heaven rank cultivation … Huang Xiaolong also noticed after one night of practicing battle qi, the muscles in his body were stronger and more firm. Ancient Times Divine Beast Blood Phoenix - (Obtained in Chapter 1061) 4 Martial Spirit After reaching the 4th Order of Houtian Realm, his martial spirit split into twin-black and blue dragons. Took shape of a Golden Red Primordial Divine Dragon. Overcoming the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top. Back at the residence, Huang Xiaolong had Gao Changran continue to pay attention to the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Old Ancestor Shi Ming, Stone Ape Archdevil, and others’ movements before stepping into the chamber. Huang Xiaolong had given the matter a great deal of thought before arriving, there were only benefits to worshipping the Black Warrior Institute Principal as his Master. Six Devil Steles Took shape in the form of a Golden Buddha. History Ten Directions Continent Arc (Ch. At the center of the square was an extensive Devil Race formation. It began with his arms: a fine layer of dragon scales covered over Huang Xiaolong's skin; on the left hand, there were black-coloured dragon scales, and on his right hand were glittering blue dragon scales, spreading to his whole body apart from the face area. 5.1 Soul Transformation: Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on Earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carrying Hua Xia’s secret knowledge, the Body Metamorphose Scripture. 1194), Divine World - Grow Stronger Arc (Ch. (Ch. The Twin Dragon martial spirits expanded greatly, covering hundred li outward with Huang Xiaolong as its fulcrum. Yellow Dragon World (1st Life) Earth (2nd Life) Martial Spirit World (3rd Life) Main Qi In the days after Huang Xiaolong entered closed-door practiced, Huang Peng, Su Yan, and Huang Min refined the true dragon essence and Divine Dragon Pills, all three of their battle qi cultivation finally accumulated to Houtian Tenth Order, due to their innate talent limitations unable to … Former Affiliation 1) Comprehends The Boundary Of Incarnation Myriad Things. At the moment of moving, Huang Xiaolong was loose, which was tired. Bing Jiuyi (Puppet)Bing Xingying (Puppet)Wei Chao (Soul Branded)Xie Tu (Puppet)Xie Du (Puppet)Xie Dong (Puppet)Xie Li (Puppet)Black Baboon (Puppet)30+ Nefarious Devil Puppets He reincarnated in the Martial Spirit World after dying at the age of 17. Huang Xiaolong Saint Power 1604), The Lord of Hell's Inheritance Arc (Ch. Then, Huang Xiaolong taught Fei Hou an internal force cultivation technique called ‘Liquid Thunder Arts’. Name:Xu Baisheng Before his death, he had reached the tenth stage of the scripture, presumably the highest stage. 391 - Ch. Name: Xiao Niu True Dragon Condensed 3 Avatars, all with Supreme rank Godheads. Jiang Hong was also cultivating inside one of the Dragon Shark Flying Ship’s cultivation rooms. 245 - Ch. Huang Clan Huang Xiaolong smiled and nodded his head at them. Unlike Phoenix's Reviving only 9 times, Huang Xiaolong Can Have An Infinite Nirvanic Rebirth. Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Right before breaking through to Supreme 7th Order, HXL condensed 3 Saint Souls. Azure Cow Senior of the Monster World. Starcloud Continent Arc (Ch. Void Sky Demon Prison Beast He then had everyone stand up and said, “Go back first.” Although he had managed to reach the top of the Devil Tower’s ninth floor and gained many benefits along with successfully breaking through to Ninth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, he still needed to stabilize his cultivation foundation. Fire Dragon Status Currently Ninth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Raws God of Universe Saint World Asura's Gate He was half a head taller than Huang Xiaolong, who himself was six feet two, and his cultivation realm was late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm. Poison Corpse Scarabs Split into Twin Primordial Divine Dragons. Name: Xiao Jiu (Small Nine) Variant Top Grade 12 Martial Spirit He was a part of the Shaolin Temple during his previous life. First Appear Gradually, the blazing light around the black and blue dragons dimmed and stopped flickering. Nine Chaos Lightning Pools The Treasure Storehouse, which has accumulated billions of years, can be astonishing. Current Affiliation Refining the Ancestral Dragon tree bark ~3 years, Integrating with a dragon shaped purple grandmist aura: 1 year. Crimson Flame Yellow Profound Realm The Twin Dragons' bodies grew bigger, the black and blue scales became denser, and the most amazing thing was another claw grew out from the initial four, and they turned into five-clawed dragons. The Four Galaxies Arc (Ch. Fire Dragon Qi / True Dragon Qi Such speed and ferocity at which his powers had increased was appalling! 1), Four years had passed, and he had grown into a handsome looking youth; five feet six inches tall, close to five foot seven, with a lean muscular body, star-like eyes, a tall nose, and red lips. First of all, it was the cultivation … Martial Spirit Huang Xiaolong’s group of three flew further in of the ancestral burial ground and soon, Huang Xiaolong saw the first tomb. Character He was born as a son of Huang Peng and Su Yan of the Huang Family. Refining the Ten Dragons Formation of the Tianwu Treasure Palace and becoming its new master. 5 Years, Netherworld King’s Jade 1st restriction. Flame Martial Spirit Divine Flame that was born in the Vermilion Bird Galaxy at the Phoenix Clans, Phoenix Volcano. Huang Xiaolong actually felt more baffled hearing that. Golden Dragon Chaos Lightning Pool (4th ranked Thunder Pond) The strong are lonesome. Inheritance Skills / Martial Spirit Skills Refining the energy of God King's Sea God's spirits inside the Sea God Tower, 2 Years 7 Months. Martial Spirit World Multiple streams of gold and black lights glimmered around his Saint Realm Space, Buddha luminescence and devil aura flickering in and out, sending Huang Xiaolong into a daze. Glaze Devil Stele (Obtained at Chapter 1904) Right now, his cultivation rose by an entire realm! Fusion of the 4 Great Divine Flames Spouse Duanren Empire Arc (Ch. "He's Fang Yu?" 390). Other than a dedicated cultivation room, there was a pill refining chamber, a study, and even several hundred square meters of garden area where he could plant some herbs. When battling Xu Shi, Huang Xiaolong could fully exert his full strength which allowed both of them to battle heartily. Refining some Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruit: 7 Years 6 Months. Refines 28 Open Heaven Pills and the remaining 7 drop of World Creation Yellow Dragon Blood Essence inside Sun and Moon Pill Furnace. After Highgod Realm: Huang Xiaolong can transform into an Archaic Blue Divine Dragon, with massive size. Hump Dragon 327 - Ch. 1 - Ch. White Dragon Golden Horn Calf Highgod Tournament Arc (Ch. This green spirit stone was a small portion of the large jade column that was used to breed the innate spiritual embryo. 522 - Ch. Huang Xiaolong sat at the same table as previously, next to the window. Bedlam Lands Arc (Ch. 7 (Start) >400 (Currently) +100,000,000 (Raw) Born from the Thunder Beast Egg from Winning 1st place of the God Promoting List in Mortal World. Gender He has cultivated the Body Metamorphose Scripture from the beginning since his reincarnation. Human 1512) Inside, he took out and consumed the Devil Holy Water and Heaven Suppressing Hundred Evil Pills and entered cultivation. Huang Xiaolong Master Divine World - Early Days Arc (Ch. Breaking into Sovereign Realm transforms into Saint Pulse Vital Status Obtained by Saint Beast Egg at Chapter 2260 Wood Dragon Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Enemies Elemental Affinity Buddhism Energy / Buddhist Qi Refining the Second Half of Blood Eyed Demon Tablet: 2 - 3 years. 835 - Ch. Divine Beast Bloodline Refines 30+ Spiritual Embryos inside Jade Stones,2 of which are Grand Dao Rank, 6(travel time) + 1 + (1