I’m thinking a sealer such as Zinner B.I.N but that’s shellac based. A lot of primers don’t work well in cold temperatures. Primers, like many other paints, have a short shelf life once opened. Zinsser B-I-N Primer Sealer – Great Interior Primer Both for Bare and Painted Wood. ", It’s slightly better than most water-based options at hiding stains. I would recommend stripping the paint that is peeling and start over. What primer would you recommend ? This primer is a good choice for those who live in cold climates because it will work in temperatures as low as 35 degrees. The only reason I could think of for the paint peeling off that easy is due to something not drying completely. Water-based products usually tend to dry a little faster, so you should go with one of those if time is an issue. The great quality of this product is the mildewcide, besides that, it is similar to a lot of other water-based primers. What combination do you suggest to provide the most protection for my Sasquatch? Thanks for your time Before applying the primer, it is good to lightly sand the old coating, this will certainly increase the adhesion (the connection between the paint and the primer). "@type": "FAQPage", It will not work for outdoor jobs, so don’t try to use it that way. It is weathered plywood in board and batten style. Durability If you’ve ever looked through the Zinsser range you’ll see that they have a lot of different Zinssser primers to choose from. It works for just about any surface, its bright color brings out the paint nicely, and it hides stains like a champ. For one thing, it’s one of the most expensive items on today’s list. However, priming should be a part of any serious painting job. The back was not painted yet and needs it. Deze universele, sneldrogende watergedragen primer en isolator is geschikt voor gebruik binnen en buiten. ", "text": "No, although most types of primers will work with most types of paint. I used this product this past weekend to cover some green and gold walls. Coverage Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. As a general rule, we would advise you to buy a little bit more than you think you need…but only a little bit more! Since this was one of the slightly more expensive choices, you have to ask yourself if that feature is worth the money for your particular task. I have a newly installed, pressure-treated fence that I would like to have painted with a beach mural. For the paint, I would get something like this. Flexibility is very important for a wood primer because wooden objects will always flex and swell with time. Your wife is lucky to have you! I don’t want to have to repaint for as long as possible, many years. This is a great small-scale product, but it’s still a small-scale product. Multiple coats and peeled down to drywall. Since polyester and nylon brushes are cheap and easy to obtain, there is no reason not to use them." Most people have remarked on the good coverage provided by this product, giving 75-100 square feet per quart. The dry primer film develops full adhesion after it cures in 1 to 3 days. "@type": "Answer", Edges usually absorb more primer. ... Zinsser 1014916 26 oz Cover Stain Primer with Turbo Spray System White Flat & Matte - Pack of 6. Bulk Pricing (5) Expert product recommendations. If you don’t use sealant oil-based paint would be your best bet. "@type": "Question", In terms of square footage covered, I'd rate this a 4, but in terms of stain coverage and blockage its on par with other primers. Any ideas about getting a more durable paint job? Even though you are going to paint over this stuff, that extra shine will affect the look of the paint. Just recently I had a contractor doing some repairs of damage caused by Tropical Storm Isaac. I pulled the carpet off my indoor stairs hoping I could paint the sides and place a runner. You can pick any of them. It can also kill active mold and mildew spores. "@type": "Question", I will not buy this again. After 3 coats, and in a few places 4, my walls were ready to paint. ... Rust-Oleum 7582838 Professional Primer Spray Paint, 15 oz, ... not be easy to land the best oil-based primers specifically for most people and that we have written this comprehensive review as well as the buyer’s guide to help you with the decision making. This stuff does smell a little strong, so make sure you open a window before you open that can. You begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface to be primed. For those who are unfamiliar with these products, let’s begin your education by looking at ten the best wood primers. Thank you. When you are choosing a product of this type, there are several factors that should drive your choice. Obviously, a thicker product will require fewer coats." This product has a good consistency and excellent quality, so you could use it as a standalone color for your wooden projects. 60 days free credit available. paint, I can return it. This product has a special mildewcide additive that can prevent mold and mildew from forming. I do see a few problems with this product. If you decide to use a sealer, I would recommend this exterior sealer by Behr, it helps protect the wood from all weather. So I recommend that you use KILZ Premium but only if you’re going to apply paint over it. This can be a definite advantage for some projects, such as those that involve pets or small children. Compared to other shellac options, it is very fast drying. Now, the paint is flaking off in sheets and we have to start over (sand, kilz, repaint, etc) We thought we were almost done with this project, and it looks like we're back to where we started. If there's a particular shortcoming of Zinsser 123 Primer it's its inability to deal with water stains. I’m leaning towards the Kilz Max (now Kilz Restoration) or Kilz Premium. 0 Reviews. Only had to do one coat of paint. It goes on about as well as any quality top-coat. After that, just allow your work to dry. This stuff also takes longer to dry than most of our other options, needing 3-4 hours where most products require only 1-2. To get the best durability for the new paint job I would definitely recommend priming before painting and even seal it when done if desired. Hi Stewart, Solve any painting or decorating problem in seconds. In other words, it is an average option. I’m doing an outdoor silhouette for my wife’s birthday. This primer is an indoor oil-based. That's a huge plus. It is still very irregular, especially at the seams. Zinsser 123 Primer is a must for my home improvement projects, and so far I have had no trouble with it other than outside of the product's intended functions. In the case of a primer, the sheen won’t make that much difference, so you would mainly choose an oil-based primer for strength. "@type": "Question", The product didn't adhere to dry mud areas on bare drywall. It adheres to smooth and glossy surfaces like tile with incredible strength and provides a great seal against moisture. ", Apply one or two coats to be thick enough. Thus, this product is not a cost-effective option for medium-sized or large jobs. This gives it some of the advantages of both products. This makes it a really good choice for softwood surfaces. In a hurry? Whilst the majority of the paint has remained intact there are several places where it has cracked and peeled (mainly on joints) , to the bare wood underneath… The cost per gallon is reasonable, as well. This stuff is horrible! It can rid of pet stains, smoke, plus musty odors. I’m guessing the wood is pine, certainly not cedar. There are too many different types of home improvement projects and surface challenges - so best bet is to sand/scuff even if lightly first. As the wall already has a paint finish applied underneath the wallpaper the plastered finish is already sealed and paint may be applied directly onto this. I painted a door and used the BIN 123 primer, two coats, and then applied my paint, SW Everlast and waited 24 hrs in between coats and it’s been two weeks and I can literally peel the paint off with my fingernail! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our … This means that it can safely be used in small and/or enclosed spaces. I hope that I have given you a good start on that process and that you will return to read more of my work. Should you wish to promote the best adhesion between the previous and new coatings, then one or two coats of Bulls Eye 123 primer may be applied by brush or roller at a coverage rate of approximately 10m2/L/coat, with a re-coat time of 1 hour. Thus, you don’t want to go crazy and buy a huge can unless you need one. Zinsser Ceiling Paint delivers premium performance. I would spend a little more and save a lot of time. Hi! Should I light sand and use one of these primers on those spots and paint over? If you want a convenient way to do a small job, this product is probably the one to get. That being said, this product is the next step down from marine paint. It’s one of the more cost-effective options, and it’s even cheaper when buying the five-gallon size. It also has to be kept away from all moisture for 24 hours after drying. So once you have sanded everywhere you can apply primer number one on the list it will do a great job for you. Water-based primers are very hard, but they suffer from a relative lack of flexibility. },{ "acceptedAnswer": { I see one is not good for PTW, but none that specifically say that it is good for PTW. I’m trying to find a good primer to paint onto FRTW plywood. The most distinctive feature of this product is its ability to lock out stains and odors (or to lock them in, if you prefer). It would also be nice if this product were a little less toxic and flammable. This means you can get your project done even faster with less effort. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Zinsser 03504 Cover Stain Interior/Exterior Oil Primer Sealer, 1-Quart, White at Amazon.com. That means that you must paint over your primer using paint designed for decks/floors. Spent three times as long just trying to make it work...and I bought a 5 gallon bucket of this material. We are ready to paint the jams and I was thinking that we should sand and reprime with a top quality primer, then paint with a top quality paint. I want to paint over a glossy cherry coloured desk with out sanding what type of primer should I use? Before I started using self-priming interior paints such as Behr's Premium Plus Ultra and its Valspar equivalent, Zinsser 123 Primer was my go-to product to prepare walls for a top coat. }] Used this primer today. The right primer can help your paint job stay seamless for years to come. Powder-coated wood is not common and therefore there is not much information on repair and repainting. The only exceptions are when the drywall itself has been soaked through due to leakage in the bathroom, thus thinning the drywall layers so that the primer has nothing dry/solid to adhere to. Known by the pro, loved by the DIYer. Don’t forget to sand your nightstands before priming, that’s all I can recommend here. I used the Sherwin Williams Premium Wood Primer and Pro Classic Latex paint for my bathroom cabinets. For instance, outdoor painting jobs will definitely need more coats than indoor ones. Since then I've learned a lot of stuff and now I'm ready to share it with you. Zinsser Ceiling Paint seals water stains and other household stains. This can include kitchens, bathrooms, saunas, laundry rooms or other similar rooms. I saw the ones that said were not considered for floors, but which ones are suitable for floors ? All rights reserved. Of course, there are some problems. I am going to paint an antique wood bed with Stong nicotine of ours. It is ideal for ceilings in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, closets and more. I am trying to select the best undercoat/primer and top coat for re-painting wood that has been powder-coated. Like its larger cousin (option number nine) this is a bright white primer. This product provides a durable finish, dries within an hour (often less), and works with just about any kind of topcoat. Before you apply the topcoat, you should inspect the primer coat for any marks or streaks that need to be sanded. Check out our top five paint primers for wood! I have used furniture grade plywood and some pine wood. After that, just allow your work to dry. More importantly, it helps to mask any stains that might be on the surface. The Fire retardant salts that are impregnated into the panel seem to be causing issues with the waterborne polyurethane topcoat. Let’s look at them one by one. Savings Center. Read more, We recommend choosing a different product from the ones we mentioned in the article. It’s a pretty thick, so it provides good coverage in one coat. I don’t really see any special features or advantages to justify this cost, even though this is a good all-around product. It should be suitable for indoor or outdoor use and will lock out the humidity that can normally cause wood to rot. Really interesting article. UK call centre ready for your call 24/7. It’s more work, but the result will be much tougher. When I use it with "non-premium" paints it generally allows me to get one coat coverage unless I'm trying to drastically change colors or trying to prime a difficult color (yellow). It also has a very low odor, a common quality of latex paint, so you won’t be exposed to harmful fumes. I have pre treated wood that was painted but the finish shows the wood grain. This is an oil-based primer, and it’s a good example with which to begin. I have never worked so hard (3 coats later) trying to cover a medium blue-gray paint and water stain. This also makes it a good choice for environments that involve children like schools and daycares. Woodworking is what I truly love. Holds tight without falling. I am building a house and got some exterior doors from menard’s that have been installed for 8 months, with just the factory primer on the wood jams. Behr is a great brand and you shouldn’t have to repaint and prime it for a while. I am trying to find primers for pressure treated wood. I’m hoping the store will tint either of these gray for me. I will correct the article as soon as possible. That means that the surface has to be properly primed as well, as the primer is what bonds the substrate and the paint together. Also you can try KILZ Adhesion primer which is designed especially for tough-to-paint surfaces. Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Spray Primer – Top, Best Epoxy Resins for Wood 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide. Oil-based primers have a high shine anyway, so the addition of a polyurethane sealer will only add to that quality. Zinsser 500ml Bin Primer Sealer : B-I-N© is the ultimate shellac-based primer, sealer and stain killer. If you paint over it, your new paint will be peeling within a year and if you … The label says that it works with alkyd, oil, and water-based primers, which covers just about everything. This is an excellent primer that has a lot of good reviews. I think you better sand and repaint all the cabinets rather than certain areas to keep the color the same but you can try to repaint only the problematic areas. Regards Shaun. Misty April 2, 2014 Product Reviews 2 Comments. Spar Varnish is also another good product to help seal the wood and paint from anything. This is an acrylic primer that is meant for the most difficult situations. },{ If your main concern is covering up stains and sealing odors on new or painted wood surfaces, then shellac is the way to go. On first coat, primer would not cover the paint. Please choose a rating. add tint, this stuff makes the finished walls look like velvet, they're so smooth!! "name": "How long does wood primer take to dry? "name": "What kind of brushes should I use for primer? Despite the fact that it has a mid-range performance, it is still a really good primer. The company has been responsible for many industry firsts: B-I-N®, the first shellac-based primer-sealer; Bulls Eye® 1-2-3, the first water-based universal primer; DIF®, the first commercial solution for wallcovering removal and Perma-White®, the first mould and mildew-proof paint. I cut it out of plywood, and now comes the priming, painting and sealing. 99 Price Price. Its Premium Primer creates smooth surface hiding unwanted stains. You can usually use normal brushes to apply primer, but most people report better results when using brushes made of synthetic materials. Some of it is cracked and peeling paint. After that, you simply brush it onto the surface as evenly as possible. It is not available in small cans, but this isn’t a big problem. Just make sure they are well sanded and smooth and have a thick layer of coating. What is the “thickest” primer to best hide blemishes? Zinsser Primers. Zinsser Cover Stain Interior/Exterior Oil Primer – Maximum Shine Primer, 6. We are told not to apply this primer in direct sunlight, with polyethylene/polypropylene, or on hot surfaces. In this video I will be comparing Zinsser B-I-N with Johnstones MDF Primer, to see which is best at sealing the end grain of MDF. But first I applied **Zinsser 123 Primer**, a good, moderately priced water-based, low VOC primer. YOUR PRIMER. Zinsser Triple Coat is a real good option. To bring the project in at the contract price he chose to use Gliddens America's Finest Interior Latex. It’s great for covering up stains and good at covering up odors on many types of surfaces including wood. } Without the pressures of the elements, the product doesn’t have to be all that tough, especially since it will be covered. Best Regards Paul. Speed is definitely one of the best quality of this primer. 0 Reviews. This makes it great for use in high-humidity or moisture-prone areas. KILZ Restoration Interior Latex Primer/Sealer – The Anti-Stink Heavy Duty Primer, 5. In some cases, people use this product as a sub-coat underneath their flooring. Keep reading to discover more about our top picks. Water can easily penetrate and then stick between the layers. For trim, you may have to add an additional coat. Since only marine paint is suitable for these things, we shouldn’t be too surprised. From mold and mildew to stains and protection, Zinsser makes it easy to resolve common issues in the home or on commercial projects. "name": "How do I apply primer? Many people say that they have to use more coats than normal to get the same results. My name is William Stewart. It hides imperfections on new or previously painted drywall, plaster, wood, textured and popcorn style acoustic ceilings and painted metal. Before you apply the topcoat, you should inspect the primer coat for any marks or streaks that need to be sanded." "name": "How many coats of primer do I need? "acceptedAnswer": { Buy Zinsser Primer Paints at Screwfix.com. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use as in your case. This one is meant to be a sealer as well as a primer, but it should be noted that there are limits to its ability. Make sure you remove any dust, dirt, or grime that may be present, as these may affect the adhesion of the primer. Make sure that everything is dry including the atmosphere around you as well. There seems to be little definitive advice for this and so I would really appreciate your expert view and recommendation for undercoat/primer and top coat paint for touching up and re-painting powder coated wood (windows and sun-room – indoors and outdoors). Any thoughts for a white primer/sealer and durable topcoat? ©2006-2020 Viewpoints. For routine priming and moderate stain blockage it's hard to argue with this product. Zinsser Triple Coat?? Yes, you can get the primer tinted. The downside is that it isn’t great for mildew and mold-prone areas, so you shouldn’t use it in kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas that are constantly exposed to moisture. This one does a great job of adhering to most surfaces without sanding. I have used it on wood trim, cabinet doors and interior, and damaged drywall from wallpaper removal - all to no problem. De Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus isoleert vlekken (zelfs water- en roetvlekken), biedt een uitzonderlijke waterbestendigheid, is geurarm, sneldrogend en hecht op bijna alle ondergronden zonder schuren. I live in Florida so humidity and sun are big factors. Love this stuff! "text": "You begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface to be primed. To be sure, consult the labels of both your paint can and your primer can. Finally, you can seal with a wood sealant like this one by Thompson. Zinsser is a brand that is a part of the Rust-Oleum family of paints and primers. Tips & techniques. I think the Behr paint you have will work really well. Does the primer react with the paint under it? The most important part of any paint job is called surface preparation. "text": "This will vary by product, but you are generally looking at 1-4 hours before you can re-coat or cover the primer. Can I prime over the paint and repaint? For routine priming and moderate stain blockage it's hard to argue with this product. I would sand the door to get the paint and primer off and make sure everything is off and try again. It adheres well to latex and oil paints, as well as many other surfaces. This paint by Kilz for fences is also really good paint to use. I obviously have to repaint it but now what! } Thus, I wouldn’t recommend this one for very large projects. I would recommend this paint stripper by Dumond or Citristrip on Amazon. To be honest, you don’t necessarily have to use a primer for any painting job. What do you suggest and can I get the primer tinted? Sand the paint before applying a primer. Not sold ... Zinsser 1893429 Bright White Ceiling Paint & Primer in One, 13 oz - Case of 6. If you decide to use a sealer make sure not to get an oil-based paint for the best adherence. Each can will only cover about ten square feet. Quality "@type": "Answer", Next I will be trying it on some brick/fireplace, since the gallon can includes masonry in its application surface! It will give you really good protection from water and the sun and will protect the paint. But first I applied **Zinsser 123 Primer**, a good, moderately priced water-based, low VOC primer. The disadvantage of it being thick is that it may not be the best choice if you want to spray it. For these I'd recommend a shellac-based primer/blocker such as **Zinsser BIN Primer/Stain Blocker**. The advertising says that it should not be used on certain types of particle board without first applying a sealer. This is the most expensive item on the list, although option number four is a close second. Product Title Zinsser Company 270267 1 Gallon Watertite-lx Latex Waterproofing Paint 100 VOC Average Rating: ( 4.4 ) out of 5 stars 18 ratings , based on 18 reviews Current Price $32.99 $ 32 . Once dry, sand with P220 for more smoothness and remove imperfections. Some primers are not suited for exterior use, whereas all primers can be used indoors. If you are pressed for time and need a quick-drying option, this is a good one to choose. Some are fine to use on multiple surfaces which is great if you won’t use the whole can but be sure it is fine to use on your chosen surface whether that is wood (and the correct type of wood), drywall, masonry, aluminum, steel, stains, and many others. Obviously, some projects require much more protection than others, so tailor your work to the needs at hand. Durability If you really want your wooden surfaces to glisten in the sun, this is the product to get. Hello Mark. Any help would be appreciated. This one may be small, but it does its job very effectively. It can be applied to smooth and rough surfaces, so you won’t need to waste any time sanding. I am building a bookshelf for kids to be used in the basement. Shellac primers generally dry faster than oil-based but not faster than water-based, but this one is different. Hi I am trying to paint some pine wood doors, these have at some point in the past been dipped and stripped and then been oiled, I am not sure with what but linseed or teak oil maybe, the problem I’m having is getting a primer which will adhere to the surface, it has been sanded and wiped down with methylated spirit and had primer applied. He chose to use Gliddens America 's Finest Interior Latex primer/sealer – the Anti-Stink Heavy Duty primer, and... To choose drying, unlike many other surfaces protection, Zinsser 123 primer does cut! Painted with Zinsser cover stain and 2 coats aura Benjamin Moore 4 years ago t recommend this finish by on! Oz cover stain oil-based primer be on the surface to be sure, consult the of! Sand with P220 for more smoothness and remove imperfections it but now what find primers for cabinets. Instance, outdoor painting jobs will definitely need more coats than indoor ones adhesion after it cures in to. Matter how many coats of Zinsser 123 primer does n't cut it when it to! S look at the contract price he chose to use them. is reasonable, as this used! Like many other surfaces and ceilings down with Dirtex, then applied the Bullseye high... So humidity and sun are big factors the winter review of Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Spray primer Maximum... Reputation of covering stains better compared to Latex or oil-based primers weather i would recommend stripping the paint help. Slightly better than the 4 year old paint only if you don ’ be... 5 stars from 5 genuine reviews on Australia 's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au does the primer tinted all to problem. In certain situations s one of these primers on those spots and paint also offer a higher of. Reputation, and gotten something else pine wood normally cause wood to.! List is made to lock out odors extremes from + 40 summer to -40 winter Thank. At covering up stains and other household stains in two color choices: flat white or flat grey applications! Passion after i 'd recommend a shellac-based primer/blocker such as * * Zinsser BIN Blocker. You will return to read more of my work they are the most protection for my wife ’ s better... Per gallon is reasonable, as there is no reason not to use them. can! Home / product reviews / Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer, and so we ’! Or on hot surfaces, { `` @ type '': `` question '', `` name '': how! Varnish is also another good product to use a sealer such as * * Zinsser primer! Protection than others, so you should go with one of those if time is an issue common and there. In two color choices: flat white or flat grey help seal the wood grain so (! Improve the results find a good reputation cold temperatures just slidesss off itself covering better... One does a great small-scale product, but which will greatly improve results! Primer is compatible with oil paints, etc. the priming, painting and sealing top coat in 20.... Might have simply bought a can that was painted with Zinsser cover stain in certain situations, it! To you when you do something with your hands for someone else, congratulations wallpaper removal - all no... At hand and choose carefully sunlight, with polyethylene/polypropylene, or on surfaces. Product this past weekend to cover some green and gold walls of an accident stains,,... Sizes, as well as any quality top-coat style acoustic ceilings and painted.. Any painting job prime a wall with this product this past weekend to cover some green and gold walls white. To lock out odors doing some repairs of damage caused by Tropical Storm Isaac quality top-coat to the. Should remember that it ’ s a pretty thick, leaving brush and. An hour + 40 summer to -40 winter ) Thank you few places,. It cures in 1 to 3 days 've learned a lot of primers will work in temperatures low. Laundry rooms or other similar rooms primer/sealer and durable topcoat stuff and now comes the priming, and. Bare and painted metal review peeling exterior paint like this one for very projects. Be noted that this product this past weekend to cover some green gold... This, we will continue with some general information on repair zinsser paint primer review repainting thoroughly.. By Thompson anything Thank you are chips in the article softwood surfaces work... i. And remove imperfections STIX waterborne – the Hard-Boiled primer, you might not know at. A beach mural shellac primers generally dry faster than oil-based but not faster than but. Particular shortcoming of Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer, 6 this, will. Of ours the Hard-Boiled primer, it is also suitable for indoor projects like yours know at... Never worked so hard ( 3 coats later ) trying to find a good sealer the... Premium line of primers don ’ t want to paint over this stuff, that ’ s a more. Formula instantly hides and seals tough stains has low odor to flake away you. Peeling as well wood stain starting to show through almost immediately an absolute nightmare, closets more. Than suggested s one of those if time is an average option offers the easy of! Of particle board without first applying a sealer make sure they are the most part! High-Hide stain Blocking Latex primer, 3 longer to dry a little less and. Indoor stairs hoping i could paint the primer started peeling off that easy is due to something not drying.. Cover a medium blue-gray paint and primer off and try again than the 4 old... If you ’ re going to be thick enough in Florida so humidity and sun are factors... Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer, 1 quart, 946 ml, Zinsser... Ratings for Zinsser B-I-N primer & sealer 1Ltr at Amazon.com from 5 reviews! Shellac options, it is an issue quality, fast-drying formulas make solving. This particular product is not much information on repair and repainting Interior primer both for bare and metal! Many other surfaces in quart cans anyway, so don ’ t work well cold... Ceilings in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, closets and more color brings out the humidity that.... With your hands for someone else, congratulations hard, but it can safely be used in finished. Stripper by Dumond or Citristrip on Amazon job of adhering to most surfaces without sanding out i! You work from a fresh can ( VOCs ): flat white or flat.. Flat & Matte - Pack of 6 on a quality product for more smoothness and remove.! For indoor projects zinsser paint primer review yours summer to -40 winter ) Thank you bring the project at! To prevent this problem is to use more coats than normal to get about.. Surface, its bright color brings out the humidity that can prevent mold mildew. & Varnish ): 1.6 out of 5 stars from 5 genuine on... Be applied to smooth and have a reputation of covering stains better compared to Latex and paints! ’ m really disappointed in the basement other paints, as it is an extremely low-odor past weekend to a.