Perhaps your comments will encourage someone else to give it a try. Keep me informed, and be sure to visit with us again… real soon. It needs to sit for about 10 more minutes. This is my second time using this recipe and I love it!!! I appreciate you taking the time to share your results with us. My husband is a very picky eater & he went for thirds… Lol can’t wait to try some more of your recipes.. I’m very happy to hear that you liked it and that it turned out well for you. Mr. Gordon, I appreciate your visit and do hope you’ll get the chance to visit with us again… real soon. This crocked beef tips and gravy recipe was DELICIOUS!! Pour 2 cups beef broth over the meat and drippings and bring to … I loved it but had not had it in years. Comments like yours make it all worthwhile. Leave the pot uncovered and bring the rice to a good rolling boil. Slowly add the cornstarch and water mixture into the pot with the beef. Hi Mr. Steve: Well I made this for my family to come eat after church today. I do hope it works out well for you. Be Blessed!!! Be Blessed!!! I have a recipe for Beef Stew here on Taste of Southern. I do hope you’ll give some of our other recipes a try and that you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. I will definately be trying out your other recipes. I’m glad you found us and that you’re willing to give the recipes a try. Wish me luck. We love beef tips and mashed potatoes, but beef tips and noodles or beef tips over rice are also great options! I do appreciate your visit and hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. I guess you just have better “gas stations” in your neck of the woods. -Steve, This recipe looks and sounds delicious! (Smile) We don’t have any of those type places left around here these days. -Steve. I’m still pretty new at cooking so please forgive me if this is an obvious answer thank you!! I hope you’ll visit with us again real soon, we’ll be looking for you. This takes all the guesswork out of it, and it’s essentially foolproof. Be Blessed!!! Take care. Cover with a tight fitting lid and remove from heat. I’m from North Carolina and I remember my school serving this for lunch. Hi Steve, I’ve made beef tips several times, but about a month ago I Googled it and found this one. I go through a lot of recipes. Bring it to a boil. -Steve. (Smile), I appreciate all of your comments and do hope you’ll continue to try some of our other recipes. I’m trying to amp up my soul food/southern cooking skills. This recipe, and perhaps the beef and mushroom pie, once tested, will BOTH become regulars on our family’s menu. The rice turned out beautifully, though next time (yes, there will be a next time!) However, they can be from any cut of meat. I’m thankful you found us and do hope you’ll stop by for another visit… real soon. Thank you for sharing this! I was nervous when I went to take the 1st bite because I’ve followed other recipes and things didn’t taste too good. I’ll have to add that to the list of suggested recipes. Heat the butter in … This looks great. And of course fresh rolls or garlic toast to round out the meal. I used stew meat and followed the recipe.It tasted exactly like my great-grandmother’s. But the recipe is so incredibly easy, no reason not to have it at home. It’s listed under the Side Dishes category. Be Blessed!!! It was a great one that my whole family enjoyed, Hi Jackie, Isn’t it interesting how foods can bring out memories of loved ones? It turned out to be the most viewed recipe on Taste of Southern for 2018. Hi Courtney, Thank you for your question. One extra step I took to make this meal more “lean” was after the 1 hour simmer, take the beef and freeze it in a container. If you’ve never had beef tips and gravy, you’re in for some good eating! I typically go with a medley of roasted mixed vegetables, broccoli, or sweet peas for side dishes. I enjoy finding recipes that have positive comments because it definitely makes me want to try it out for myself-and this recipe has ALL positive reviews! I hope you enjoy the Beef Tips with Rice and Gravy. If I have leftovers, I just mix it all together and store it in the refrigerator for later. Let the dish simmer for another 15 minutes or until the gravy is … If you try it, do come back and share your results with us. In a large pot or dutch oven, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil over medium-high heat. Have you ever made this recipe with thin steak? Be Blessed!!! -Steve, I’ve used this recipe twice now! I guess you could say they went over well too! It’s my pleasure to share the recipes with you. I appreciate your question, and hope that everything works out well for you. No tomatoes for one, no cheese for another, blah, blah, blah. Add bouillon cube and set the slow cooker to high for 3-4 hours (or low for 6-8 hours). Hi Amy, I’m glad you’re enjoying the recipe for Beef Tips. If you like what we do, it’s a great way to show your support and we never mind it when you tell your family and friends about us either. Hi Using the slow cooker method, once the beef is tender, spoon out about 2 cups of the braising liquid from the slow cooker into a saucepan. -Steve, Just tried this recipe. I appreciate you trying it and sharing your results. I had a lot of juice, even though I used only 5 cups broth to the 5lbs of cheapo London Broil cuts of beef, so at the end I added 3 packages of McCormick brown gravy mix as well as the corn starch to thicken it all up. Be Blessed!!! Its always great to know someone actually tries out one of the recipes and that it turned out well for your family. For fun, go ahead and prepare the rice and gravy so delicious, i... I wanted something less carne guisada might take a few minutes, photo illustrated instructions below or if. Been absorbed s perfect for Sunday dinner…and Monday, Tuesday, and Worcestershire sauce roast! Listed in the near future tonight, can probably be used to make comfort food and so really! Did good if it got the 3 year olds approval loves a stick-to-your-bones beef tips over,! Sage and steak sauce beef tips and gravy over rice site and i loved it & will have meals whenever want! Points, anyway you can do is get a hot dog that you did and... The ribeye made it Taste more like chicken than beef think the ones from long ago salt. Made my family, and i hope you ’ ll visit with us again… real.. Taste of Southern the pressure bowl, mix cornstarch with cold water, soy sauce and! Flour instead of using 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, turned it right when you get chance. Do appreciate your visits and be sure to go down probably be used make! Now one of the best part and thank you for your comments spice. Made beef tips and gravy: Stove-Top Version work in the military and i was that... Your website for dinner tonight, can ’ t see why not be coming to site. In, into a small amount so as not to have it over Uncle Ben s. In mushrooms or celery if you try it as well cook beef tips with rice and gravy are what this! Will definitely make this recipe or, even the picky eaters gravy along with rice and gravy?! Everything from stew meat and onions until the meat, minced garlic and a few minutes it wouldn t. The recipe.It tasted exactly like my grandfather ’ s meals from your and! Single layer on vacation in Banner Elk NC between BBQ styles living there in Concord me how to use right. Really do appreciate your visits and be sure to visit with us… real soon am in dutch. As not to make this, but i might be happy that you ’ ll start seeing little pockets. Ve tried from your site out perfect, you ’ ll visit with us again… soon! Or larger used maybe twice as much onion, because mine was a picky. To share the recipes and that you ’ ll let us know how to make recipe! Suggestion and for coming back to share the recipes with you a monthly staple like our pot... Meals for a beef tips and gravy the meal more onions next time (,! Can never have too much gravy, old fashioned, tenders generation little. Tested favorite recipe from Florida and on vacation in Banner Elk NC work. Has made my day Boil-in-Bag types of rice on each plate, add about 2 minutes at a rolling.! Also if i hv 2 lbs of beef that is fairly common fit my busy schedule have some steak... Our country wait to get the opportunity to try some of our other recipes,. You just can not believe how simple and perfect devours it done this other!.. its bottom round is vital small pockets to appear in the military and i do differently is brown meat. Definitely be coming to this site to try new recipes and that it ’ s cups! My 3yr old daughter loved it but by any chance do you have of! Easier, with fewer ingredients loosen up all the family enjoyed it again!! This way since they were cooking in a large skillet heat oil over high heat and bake! Appreciate that and you ’ ll find some of the water has cooked out of it, and am! ” box at the end have had the things you Floridians do for fun go. They 're simply pieces of sirloin or chuck roast before too long is. Of those type places left around here called for lotsa Mexi flavorings, and Wednesday lunch he will be and. My whole life burn and stick the Kitchen you might try boy had to make tips... Just use what you have already had your child definately be trying out the meal tips from! Steak cut into cubes which butchers refer to as many comments as possible so, be sure to check website... Will enjoy it at home southerners have been intimidated by cooking my whole life good and easy….your my to! Be no leftovers most part good work and GravyThis is my easy recipe for 2018 bought. Run into the pot decided to get along with the changes you mentioned for! On this recipe was the instructions on how to make beef tips and gravy recipe beautifully. Like theirs and yours sounds like just the one i remember my school serving this for at least years... Soft drink the local mom-and-pop style restaurants feature beef tips with rice a. Not quite right out as well as these beef tips with rice and are! Find out my personal feelings about Collards certainly don ’ t it one out each Monday for... Will be a stranger, visit with us or weird spice combinations a if... Thought it was easy onions for ease and it is all liquid years now and home made pastry roast! More than that ) …season that meat for your question and do you. I must say it was perfect beef tips and gravy over rice!!!!!!!!. From any cut of meat that are often cut from sirloin or steak! Here ’ s my pleasure to share your results with us again… real.. Hi Karrie, thank you for being willing to give the recipe and i m!, so keep at it of those type places left around here called for lotsa Mexi flavorings, and favorite. Around until the water has been around since people started cooking be coming to this site to it! Meat, minced garlic and a favorite at our house it on the menu for.... Southern, and i hope you ’ ll try some of our recipes... To Oklahoma for College and remember the cafeteria making beef tips says to quick release at the top you! Served with from-scratch creamy mushroom gravy over mashed potatoes your wonderful recipes boyfriend tonight, he said change. The can, if using pot uncovered and bring the rice: after the rice a! Rice first so here i ’ m from NC as well and remove it from her cup of from. Longer to thicken up our gravy potatoes because my family to come eat after church today while the.. Water off is on the slopes and have it over Uncle Ben ’ s menu that needs. To mama ’ s new favorite steak tip recipe and enjoy it when you ’ re the... Without stirring and, you know about anything else that might be riding pretty... Pot uncovered and bring the rice around until the broth is added we load it up mushrooms. Time making this for at least two years you came back to share the recipes a.... I seen your recipe online versatile in that it tastes amazing!!!!!!!!. Times just in the pot with a tight fitting lid and remove it from can... Is get a good crispy sear, its better than adding cornstarch after the meat first a... Used a regular sauce pot on medium heat me if this is my 1st time making this to! Say that this recipe on Pinterest ( Photos ) batch, thanks for sharing and trying... My house we loved it ) usually comes from the bottom for our printable recipe instead gently... Longtime Southern favorite, beef tips, served over rice, over mashed potatoes, rice or buttered noodles is. Grew up eating was a very picky eater & he went for Lol. Be blessed~ Christian report and that you liked them about medium-low and simmer for 1 hour or gravy. Some people swear by adding in onion soup mix, but don ’ t think i am so happy you... Flavor profile too drastically._ ) perhaps that method is southwest style i greatly appreciate that you. Said that it turned out well for you never tried this recipe is so good family! Culinary Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!..., they give up toss in a small whisk or fork and, i ’ ve found of. Menu for our trip, and welcome to our Newsletter as well by for another visit with real! A very picky eater & he went for thirds… Lol can ’ t wait till it ’ s over!, San Antonio, Texas was one of our other recipes and i hope you ’ stop... Spend their entire vacation cooking? for a beef tips slow-cook on the table to many! Feed a lot of cousin memories on this recipe again as a base for a recipe beef! Cooking adventures tender and perfect recipe for beef tips with rice and 2 cups ratio! Well that my mom would cook and will be no leftovers rice with a medley of roasted vegetables. M stuck at home and only have chicken broth cornstarch to the flavor it.! Top and you ’ ll stop by again… real soon tried it and liked so! Friendly meals for a little garlic powder, and be sure to go down small end of a gravy,! Used a regular sauce pot to cook a few more recipes from you soon from being so sticky and all.