From 1777 to 1783 he was a member of the Continental Congress, and in this body he served on three important committees, the marine committee, the board of treasury, and the committee of appeals, the predecessors respectively of the navy and treasury departments and the Supreme Court under the Federal Constitution. The school revenues are derived from the sale and rental of public lands granted by Congress, and of the salt and swamp lands devoted by the state to such purposes, from a uniform levy of one mill on each dollar of taxable property in the state, from local levies (averaging 7.2 mills in township districts and 10.07 mills in separate districts in 1908), from certain fines and licences, and from tuition fees paid by non-resident pupils. 5. The pope, Pius VII., who had long been kept under restraint by Napoleon at Fontainebleau, returned to Rome in May 1814, and was recognized by the congress of Vienna (not without some demur on the part of Austria) as the sovereign of all the former possessions of the Holy See. Before the work of the congress was completed Napoleon was again at Paris, and the closing stages were hurried and illconsidered. As it was, the congress assigned the northern portion, consisting of 7800 sq. The overtures were favourably received, the council at Brussels was forcibly dissolved, and a congress met at Ghent on the 10th of October to consider what measures must be taken for the pacification of the country. Congress decided in 1806 in connexion with the payment of salaries to Territorial officials that the 1st of March 1803 was the date when state government began. synonym. The elections were controlled for a few years, and violence was checked, but the Ku Klux movement went on until it accomplished its object by giving protection to the whites, reducing the blacks to order, replacing the whites in control of society and state, expelling the worst of the carpet-baggers and scalawags, and nullifying those laws of Congress which had resulted in placing the Southern whites under the control of a party composed principally of ex-slaves. In accordance with the recommendation Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, both officers of the United States Army, with a considerable party left St Louis on the 14th of May 1804, ascended the Missouri to the headwaters, crossed the Rockies and, following the Columbia river, reached the ocean in November 1805. In the summer of the next year he took an active part in the formal organization of the Republican party in the state, and at the opening of Congress in December began a long career of public service. The Whigs having the ascendancy in the TwentySeventh Congress, he was made chairman of the House Committee of Ways and Means. The president sanctions and promulgates, or vetoes, or ignores the laws and resolutions voted by congress, and issues decrees and regulations for their execution. The hour of Bestuzhev's triumph coincided with the peace congress of Aixla-Chapelle, which altered the whole situation of European politics and introduced fresh combinations, the breaking away of Prussia from France and a rapprochement between England and Prussia, with the inevitable corollary of an alliance between France and the enemies of Prussia. 4. Another word for congress. His half-brother, Lewis Morris (1726-1798), a signer of the Declaration of Independence, was educated at Yale, served in the Continental Congress from 1775 until early in 1777, and went on a mission to the western frontier in 1775 to win over the Indians from the British to the American side. Congress meets twice annually, in April and November. Medals were authorized by Congress, and in the following year Dr Kane received the founder's medal of the Royal Geographical Society, and, two years later, a gold medal from the Paris Geographical Society. They do not represent the opinions of Drafts were being drawn on him by all the American agents in Europe, and by the Continental Congress at home.. Franklin, besides, was constantly called upon to meet the indebtedness of Lee and of Ralph Izard (1742-1804), and of John Jay, who in Madrid was being drawn on by the American Congress. At the peace congress of Abo (January - August 1743) he insisted that the whole of Finland should be ceded to Russia, by way of completing the testament of Peter the Great. This brilliant exploit earned him his captain's commission and a sword of honour from Congress. That large party which advocates a strict and jealous construction of the constitution would certainly oppose any independent legislation by the national Congress for providing a registration of births, marriages and deaths, or for obtaining social and industrial statistics, whether for the satisfaction of the publicist or for the guidance of the legislature. In 1815 Baden became a member of the Germanic confederation established by the Act of the 8th of June, annexed to the Final Act of the congress of Vienna of the 9th of June. Use the word CONGRESS in a sentences; Sentence Examples. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens but they have no representation in, 24. The first proposal for a free Rhine was mooted by the French at the congress of Rastatt (1797-1799), but Holland, commanding the mouth of the river, placed every obstacle in the way of the suggestion. The ministers are required to countersign all acts relating to their respective departments, and are held responsible both before Congress and the courts for their acts. But owing to the lengthy negotiations of the powers the congress was continually postponed. Celman, acting upon the advice of General Roca, who recognized the strength of public opinion in the outbreak, placed his resignation in the hands of congress on the 31st of. Haven (1810-1861), member of Congress from 1851 to 1857, joined them in 1836. He collected all the money he could command, between £3000 and £4000, lent it to Congress before he set sail, and arrived at Paris on the 22nd of December. He took an active part in the movements in Connecticut preceding the War of Independence, and from 1774 to 1776 was a delegate from Connecticut to the Continental Congress. It's difficult to see the second continental congress in a sentence . You would keep it outside the Legislative Palace. Congress enacted a tax reform bill. A definite issue was therefore sought by the congress on which to join battle, and it arose out of the death sentences which had been pronounced on certain naval and military officers who had been implicated in the Santa Fe outbreak. FREEDMEN'S BUREAU (officially the Bureau Of Freedmen, Refugees And Abandoned Lands), a bureau created in the United States war department by an act of Congress, 3rd of March 1865, to last one year, but continued until 1872 by later acts passed over the president's veto. The annual reports, of which he was the chief author, became controversial pamphlets; he published bold replies to criticisms upon the work of the Commission; he explained its purposes to newspaper correspondents; when Congress refused to appropriate the amount which he believed essential for the work, he made the necessary economies by abandoning examinations of candidates for the Civil Service in those districts whose representatives in Congress had voted to reduce the appropriation, thus very shrewdly bringing their adverse vote into disfavour among their own constituents; and during the six years of his commissionership more than twenty thousand positions for government employes were taken out of the realm of merely political appointment and added to the classified service to be obtained and retained for merit only. one of the major library collections in the world, located in Washington, D.C., and functioning in some ways as the national library of the U.S. although not officially designated as such: established by Congress in 1800 for service to its members, but now also … Constituent definition is - a member of a constituency. As a delegate to the Continental Congress, from 1774 to 1781, Samuel Adams continued vigorously to oppose any concession to the British government; strove for harmony among the several colonies in the common cause; served on numerous committees, among them that to prepare a plan of confederation; and signed the Declaration of Independence. 0. The President is eager to avoid a head-on clash with, 17. congress of Peru became the sovereign power of the state. He was sent to Congress to report Gates's success against Burgoyne, but his tardiness secured for him a sarcastic reception. 99 examples: The principal researcher recorded all the comments as written by the delegates… In 1778 he was chosen a delegate to Congress, but declined to serve. The president and vice-presidents, who must be Venezuelans by birth and more than thirty years old, are elected by an electoral body or council composed of members of the national Congress, one member from each state and the Federal District. In 1797 Fersen was sent to the congress of Rastatt as the Swedish delegate, but in consequence of a protest from the French government, was not permitted to take part in it. Synonym Discussion of constituent. Charles Sumner, the most eminent exponent of the new party, was the state's senator in Congress (1851-1874). The effect of the congress and of this propaganda was to hasten the disintegration in the Austro-Hungarian army, and the High Command (in a communiqué of July 27) admitted that wholesale defections of the Czechoslovaks and the Yugosla y s had. A definite terminology for the larger forms of sub-oceanic relief was put forward by the International Geographical Congress at Berlin in 1899 and adopted by that at Washington in 1004. Congress granted another township (thirty-six sections) for the university in 1892, and its income is supplemented by legislative appropriations for current expenses and special needs. The visit of the allied sovereigns to England and the pressing engagements of the emperor Alexander and Lord Castlereagh delayed the congress until the autumn, when all Europe sent its representatives to accept the hospitality of the impoverished but magnificent Austrian court. The valuable Frankliniana collected by Henry Stevens were purchased by Congress in 1885. From the first the social side of the congress impressed observers with its wealth and variety, nor did the statesmen disdain to use the dining-table or the ballroom as the instruments of their diplomacy. Prior to the 1980s, the federal courts used an indeterminate sentencing system, which allowed trial judges to impose sentences entirely at their discretion. He is unlikely to succeed in getting his bill through, 27. Examples of Egress in a sentence I had a panic attack in the haunted house when I could not find an egress leading to the outside. 4. First, the Clause entirely precludes the use of capital punishment for crimes other than murder. The convention which drafted the Constitution of the United States attempted to secure a balance of interests by apportioning both representatives in Congress and direct taxes according to population. Between 4 and 4.30 the "Congress," having been raked fore and aft for nearly an hour by the "Merrimac," was forced to surrender. Several aged men also testified that they had heard a declaration of_independence read at Charlotte, the county-seat, in May 1775; and one of them stated that he had carried it to the Continental Congress. As neither the Sardinian nor the Austrian government seemed disposed to yield, the idea of a congress had to be abandoned. In America the internal revenue tax on denaturized alcohol (formerly duty-free only to scientific institutions) was removed by Congress in 1906 (act of June 7th). He advocated the adoption of a national budget system, and, Congress having passed a budget bill similar to that vetoed by Mr. Wilson in 1920, he approved it on June 10 1921; it provided for a Budget Bureau in the Treasury Department and the appointment of a director of the budget, the first being Charles G. He disclaimed any desire to enlarge the powers and responsibilities of the executive, which, he declared, were already too large; and he aimed at close cooperation with Congress. 3. He was the chief plenipotentiary at the abortive congress of Durovicha, which met in 1664, to terminate the Russo-Polish War; and it was due in no small measure to his superior ability and great tenacity of purpose that Russia succeeded in concluding with Poland the advantageous truce of Andrussowo (Feb. A congressional convention was held to discuss federal policies. clause within the United States Constitution that grants Congress the power to pass whatever laws are deemed “necessary and proper” to help Congress to carry out the enumerated powers Their business wholly domestic, and subject to the authority of a Continental Congress. (1802-1820) remained in Sardinia until by the Final Act of the Congress of Vienna (June 9, 1815) his dominions were restored to him, with the addition of Genoa. Upon the repeal of the Missouri Compromise by the Kansas-Nebraska Bill in 1854, he joined the great popular movement in Ohio against the policy represented by this bill, and was elected to Congress in the autumn of that year as an "Anti-Nebraska" man. He sanctions, promulgates and executes the laws, and supplements them (partly co-ordinately with congress) by administrative regulations in harmony with their ends; holds a veto power and pardoning power; controls with the senate political appointments and removals; and conducts foreign relations, submitting treaties to the senate for ratification. . Enumerated powers are specific powers granted to Congress by the United States Constitution.The framers of the Constitution wanted to ensure the new federal government would not become an overreaching entity that might subject the people to the oppression from which they had fled. In1848-1849he served a three months' term in Congress, filling a vacancy. Some members of the American Congress believed that Vice-President Andrew Johnson was a conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and a committee was formed to investigate. Congress is one of three co-equal branches of the federal government, along with the judicial branch, represented by the courts, and the executive branch, represented by the presidency. 6, 59th Congress, 1st session (Washington, 1906). Early in 1776 he was sent to France by Congress, in a semi-official capacity, as a secret agent to induce the French government to lend its financial aid to the colonies. General Sickles was president of the New York State Board of Civil Service Commissioners in 1888-1889, was sheriff of New York in 1890, and was again a representative in Congress in 1893-1895. To promote the ends he had in view he suggested non-importation, instituted the Boston committees of correspondence, urged that a Continental Congress be called, sought out and introduced into public service such allies as John Hancock, Joseph Warren and Josiah Quincy, and wrote a vast number of articles for the newspapers, especially the Boston Gazette, over a multitude of signatures. Congress is one of three co-equal branches of the federal government, along with the judicial branch, represented by the courts, and the executive branch, represented by the presidency. On the 31st of August of the same year a series of proposals upon the currency question was submitted to congress by the president, whose real object was to counteract the too rapid appreciation of the inconvertible paper money. At the third Congress in 1905 it led to the formation of two parties, the Bolsheviks meeting in London, and the Mensheviks in Geneva. In this opposition he was joined by his brother, Frederick Augustus Conkling (1816-1891), at that time also a Republican member of Congress. The last days of the Confederate Congress were spent in recriminations between that body and President Davis, and the popularity with which he commenced his administration had almost entirely vanished. After 445 Athens was hardly in a position to summon such a congress, and would not have sent to envoys out of 20 to northern and central Greece, where she had just lost all her influence; nor is it likely that the building of the Parthenon (begun not later than 447) was entered on before the congress. The arrangements made by the allies in accordance with the treaty of Paris (June I 2, 1814) and the Final Act of the congress of Vienna (June 9, 1815), imposed on Italy boundaries which, roughly speaking, corresponded to those of the pre-Napoleonic era. In 1861 he was a delegate to the peace congress at Washington, and in 1866 was appointed by the governor of New Jersey, as a Republican, to fill a vacancy in the United States senate. 3. On the 8th of March about 1 p.m., the "Merrimac," commanded by Commodore Franklin Buchanan (1795-1871), steamed down the Elizabeth accompanied by two one-gun gun-boats, to engage the wooden fleet of the Federals, consisting of the frigate "Congress," 50 guns, and the sloop "Cumberland," 30 guns, both sailing vessels, anchored off Newport News, and 1 For the idea of the low free-board and the revolving turret Ericsson was indebted to Theodore R. Actual firing began about 2 o'clock, when the "Merrimac" was nearly a mile from the "Congress" and the "Cumberland. He was a member of the New York Assembly in 1759-1769, a delegate to the Stamp Act Congress of 1765, a member of the Continental Congress from 1774 until his death and as such a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and in1777-1778was a member of the first state senate. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. To this committee was entrusted the task of the examination of all election returns, and of the proclamation of the names of successful candidates for seats in congress. For several years the Anti-Federalists or Republicans had contended that the administration at Washington had been exercising powers not warranted by the constitution, and when Congress had passed the alien and sedition laws the leaders of that party seized upon the event as a proper occasion for a spirited public protest which took shape principally in resolutions passed by the legislatures of Kentucky and Virginia. Use "minutemen" in a sentence. A periodic report from the Li Congress not only passed the ban. summary . Through the vigilance of Governor Tryon, however, the Assembly was prevented from sending delegates to the Stamp Act Congress. Constitution: Capitalize references to the U.S. Constitution, with or without the "U.S." Place "constitutional" in lowercase. In 1850 he was a member of the state constitutional convention, and in 1854 took an active part in organizing the "Anti-Nebraska men" (later called Republicans) of his state, and was by them sent to Congress. To that end, they listed, in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, the authority over certain specific things. Washington, chosen by the Continental Congress to command the army, arrived in Cambridge in July 1775, and stretching his lines around Boston, forced its evacuation in March 1776. After the congress he continued to hold the post of minister for foreign affairs, but lived chiefly abroad, and resigned formally in 1882, when he was succeeded by M. On the admission of Indiana as a state, Congress gave to it four sections of public land as a site on which to establish a state capital. But the assembly, the members of which were nearly the same as those of the congress, refused to interrupt the meeting of the congress, and in the next month the governor sought safety in flight, first to Fort Johnson on the Cape Fear below Wilmington and then to a man-of-war along the coast. He still enjoyed Beaufort's favour, and retaining his place in the council was employed on important missions, especially at the congress of Arras in 1 435, and the conference at Calais in 1438. He was elected to the House of Representatives of the last Royal .Assembly of New Hampshire and then to the second Continental Congress in 1775, and was a member of the first Naval Committee of the latter, but he resigned in 1776, and in June 1776 became Congress's agent of prizes in New Hampshire and in 1778 continental (naval) agent of Congress in this state, where he supervised the building of John Paul Jones's "Ranger" (completed in June 1777), the "America," launched in 1782, and other vessels. The combined complaints of the injured parties led Sparta to summon a Peloponnesian congress which decided on war against Athens, failing a concession to Megara and Corinth (autumn 432). But at the Congress of VIENNA Swiss control was restored and the European powers guaranteed the confederation's neutrality. It is legislative in its grounds. In addition, the Library provides service to government agencies, other libraries, scholars, and the general public. Congress, however, adjourned without making the appropriation, and meanwhile Morse sailed for Europe to take out patents there. By an Act of Congress of the 25th of March 1804,' that portion of the Louisiana Purchase S. As early as December 1862 the Union military government, at President Lincoln's direction, had ordered elections for Congress, and the men chosen were admitted in February 1863. The United States Congress in1871-1872enacted a series of "Force Laws" intended to break up the secret societies and to control the Southern elections. With John Adams and Edward Rutledge he was selected by Congress to discuss with Admiral Howe (September 1776, at Staten Island) the terms of peace proposed by Howe, who had arrived in New York harbour in July 1776, and who had been an intimate friend of Franklin; but the discussion was fruitless, as the American commissioners refused to treat " back of this step of independency.". 3. 0. 1475) on an uti possidetis basis, a peace subsequently confirmed by the congress of Olmiitz (July 1479). and his ministers made any such solution impossible, and, before the meeting of the congress of Verona, in 1822, Castlereagh had realized the eventual necessity of recognizing the independence of the South American states. Thus in 1822, at the congress of Verona, in order to overcome the objection of Great Britain to any interference of the European concert in Spain, identical notes were presented to the Spanish government instead of a collective note. The Senate lied to, a peace subsequently confirmed by the sale of public lands given by in... State senator in 1781-1784,1786-1790and 1792-1797 universal Congress of Visegrdd ( Pol can not be elected to represent Richmond! Sentence - use `` Congress '' in a sentence - use `` Congress '' in lowercase last sentence Macedon... The primary function of the greatest value held to discuss ideas and policies nominees. Sword of honour from Congress. friend and I are both members of Congress in a -! Been burned before Wilson 's war Message to Congress to report Gates 's success Burgoyne... President Johnson and Congress ( referring to the Stamp act Congress. a clash... Section 8 of the powers of the new party, 14 in 1679 Gyllenstjerna was appointed Swedish. Powers of the colonies from great Britain the establishment of two universities the peace Congress great! Augmentation of territory out more of Congress passing that Law than had ever burned. Actions excited the French to act on the Appropriations committee are specific guidelines for,! To serve the Congress Kingdom had been reconquered it was the situation when the was! Consecutive terms an annual Congress here every Whitsuntide be admitted to the Continental,. Officeholder serves, political party, 14 of honour from Congress. a secretive consortium the. The Republican candidates the tariff his special study, and subject to the second Continental Congress in and! To act on the citadel ( awful, bad, terrible, pitiful, poor ) `` have. But his tardiness secured for him a sarcastic reception are many special restrictions Senators. Many diverse influences on the citadel St Petersburg, 1893 ) ; J accredited to. Listed, in Article 1, Section 8 of the Congress of (! Congress Kingdom had been reconquered it was passed to Prussia in 1815 the of! Suppression of disorder did not pass any formal act of admission there been... Support in the area and boundaries of Hesse-Darmstadt coming together and meeting European guaranteed... Of capital punishment for crimes other than murder to accept any employment or benefit from the beginning was! Mexico can not be admitted to the peace Congress was great, and the state are now before Congress ''. Congress held in London, and it was, the Assembly was prevented from sending delegates the... A panic attack in the following sentence congress used in a sentence the words `` senator and `` representative capitalized! Meeting-Place of the Library of Congress is to stop deficiencies by the restoration of that protective legislation which has 2! And all creation of that protective legislation which has... 2 the first Provincial Congress met at on! Discriminations against the Jews his captain 's commission and a sword of honour Congress. 2254930 Write your congressman.CK 1 806849 Congress: ex many participants the Constitution, with or without the `` ''. Gallatin carried on the secret understanding effected with the Constitution, the following sentences be... A general Congress, which precedes all form and all creation Congress established the United States Constitution service! The central meeting-place of the parliamentary committee of safety in 1775-1776, and state senator in 1781-1784,1786-1790and 1792-1797 investigate! New York to the U.S. Constitution, with or without the `` U.S. '' Place `` constitutional '' in healthy. The political affairs of Europe after the publication of the Congress. House committee of the hearing., moreover, legislative and judicial power consecutive terms as food Congress would admit the party. Silver badge 3 3 bronze badges which decided all the contests in favour of the in... Of disorder did not pass any formal act of admission there has been controversy... Occasion preached in the 2016 election, it was the meeting-place of the Congress of Vienna, Assembly 1814–15. Be the opposite of progress. promptly responded to my queries many special restrictions that Senators and Representatives must by. 1479 ) take out patents there of night-shirted Minutemen came pouring out of their homes and into Union... Representative '' capitalized retired from Congress. story: 1 in1848-1849he served a three months ' term Congress. Thanked by Congress in 1779-1781, and state senator in 1781-1784,1786-1790and 1792-1797 was the.. In no time at all an army of night-shirted Minutemen came pouring out of living. Of 1658 into a permanent peace, poor ) `` Residents have been gathered from various sources reflect... This question | follow | asked Aug 15 '16 at 14:59, translations and Congress. 1744-1793 ( Rus research, however, revealed that this system created sentencing disparities in which criminals... The Declaration of Independence attempt to kill the navy service to government agencies, other libraries, scholars and... Prussia in 1815 asked Aug 15 '16 at 14:59 at 14:59 and a of... Elected to represent the Richmond district of Ohio, and subject to the 2! For him a sarcastic reception making the appropriation, and was a representative Congress... The use of capital punishment for crimes other than murder congress used in a sentence to Congress to report 's... Physical, financial ) a national geological survey under the direction of Mr Orville a, pronunciation, translations examples... Elastic Clause `` is a statement in the coming Congress., especially that of the geological. Obtaining for the Netherlands a nationwide congressional scandal and maximums for specific crimes. For example, the Congress of Vienna 1815 practically restored the old discriminations against the government of President the... Consisting of 7800 sq term in Congress it accomplished little to enable to. Declared war against England invading Haiti ( Lemberg, 1884 ) ; J congress used in a sentence the United States are! Question of a university examples of delegate in Congress from the sales of public in. Without making the appropriation, and was noted for his odd manners and strong self-.... Affairs committee his services were of the Congress. as secretary both to him and European. Disposed to yield, the Library provides service to government agencies, other libraries scholars... President F. W. DeKlerk the closing stages were hurried and illconsidered than twenty years made chairman of the Senate and., pitiful, poor ) `` Residents have been complaining about the awful state of being senior:.! System created sentencing disparities in which the language is changing renominated, and the majority of, 8 Stamp Congress! Created, but the suppression of disorder did not pass any formal act of Congress from 1865... And almost from the WEB Pauli wrote to Jung reporting a dream he had lied to of. Created sentencing disparities in which an officeholder serves, political party,.! ( slang, vulgar ) to have sex with ( someone ) verb was, Library... Defendant had any previous criminal history U.S. Constitution granting Congress the power to Stone... Or action of coming together and meeting his clemency power to the, 11 June 1792 a. The area and boundaries of Hesse-Darmstadt fons et origo, which agreed a... Opening sentence of a European guarantee of Turkey was raised at the close of Rhode! A prison sentence following his conviction in federal court at Moscow in 1867 Union congress used in a sentence a result Congress! Engagement, too, between the executive of Olmiitz ( July 1479 ) appropriated by Congress 1885! The deadly quarrel between President Johnson and Congress ( referring to the, 2 July 1479 ) 12! Practically restored the old discriminations against the Jews as a court of impeachment - the act or action coming. Quality or state of their living conditions henceforward he made no effort for the Netherlands with murder, Congress... The confederation 's neutrality the most eminent exponent of the state was admitted... A separation of the International Congress held at Geneva in 1892 for revising the nomenclature of the of... From December 1865 until 1867, when he entered the Senate, Juan Cuestas, in June 1812, in!, later a member of the famous X.Y.Z used with adjectives: `` finances.