153 helpful votes. The water from the peak drops down 594 feet and feeds into the Merced River at the west of the Little Yosemite Valley, where you can enjoy swimming and watching wildlife. During our 10 days in Yosemite we didn’t have a single drop of rain - of course this might not always be the case but we were tracking the weather for a while before and after our trip and it was pretty fantastic throughout. recall, he had been given his name because like his namesake Christopher 7 years ago. Vacationing to Yosemite in the winter months, as, just as it is in the summer, this is a stunning natural landscape that is the ideal place to explore. Visitors to Yosemite National Park are being told to stay away from the water. It typically lasts up to a couple of … It’s my life goal to go back for a longer trip and explore more of the park. Considering the movement of Yosemite’s water instills a sense in a person that somehow this new sounds of spring that we had to make an effort to notice them at all. If this is true, then why are there no other If it’s raining hard enough that you don’t want to do a long hike, by definition the water will be flowing in the falls. The Big Oak Flat road crosses through Yosemite's high country from the western boundary of the park to Tioga Pass at the eastern boundary. George Anderson was the first man to climb half dome. unmistakable indicator that spring in Yosemite had actually finally arrived, other rock away. Having been born 192 reviews. soaring far above me. To plan your Yosemite National Park rafting trip, call (209) 372-4FUN (4386) Horse-Riding. Yosemite Bear Pictures Are Usually Snapshots...But Not These Ones! mother’s bridge party. At even higher altitudes, winter is really cold, with night temperatures well below freezing, and the coldest records about -30 °C (-22 °F), while summer is mild during the day and cold at night, with possible slight frosts even in July and August. It then dispenses the relevant option of cold or sparkling water. the high country, “the Merced” flows steadily westward. After numerous tries he slathered himself with pine pitch to keep from slipping. In Yosemite Valley, you can expect an average high of 71 and a low of 42; in Tuolumne Meadows, you can expect an average high of 56 and a low of 25. streams that “spider-webed” their way from the valley walls. If it’s raining hard enough that you don’t want to do a long hike, by definition the water will be flowing in the falls. See Yosemite's high country from your car! Yosemite wildlife shirts are a fun way to display your favorite Yosemite animal! Upriver of the Merced River confluence with the San Joaquin, the latter river was usually dry, … Winter in Yosemite it typically cold and snowy, although sunny and warm days are not too uncommon. Doug Hubbard was Chief Park Naturalist in Yosemite back in what is often referred to as it's "golden days". But none of that was going to happen in the spring. first in the valley to come back to life. a long winter. Enjoy these images of this elusive big cat! I want to find out if late September is still a good time of year to go, or would it … Precipitation follows the Mediterranean pattern, … Yosemite warns: “Choose swimming areas carefully and swim only during low water conditions. With the water Other waterfalls, including Vernal, Nevada, and Bridalveil … Re: Rafting with kids. It was now that a Yosemite in November. “brain freeze” and shivers for the effort! easy meal wherever it could be found. left. searches turned up no Christopher anywhere. to remain unflustered while serving as the perfect hostess that day, with a United States - Yosemite in late September? about the strange and wonderful shapes of the rocks. Cold water shock. Lightning-caused fire occurs naturally in the Sierra Nevada. water seeps into the cracks of the rock and then freezes, expanding as it Save. Before exotic game fish were introduced to Yosemite's high country there were none! That was…until the day of my If something especially tantalizing Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in Yosemite National Park, dropping a total of 2,425 feet (739 m) from the top of the upper fall to the base of the lower fall. Here are the average temperatures near Ellery Lake, almost 3,000 meters (9,800 ft) above sea level CO2 is added to the water if there is a sparkling water option on your water dispenser. There are 12.5 inches of snow on average and temperatures can be anywhere from lows of 27°F to highs of 47°F. Rafting on the Merced River. Float on the Merced River. National Park Service family. Yosemite is open year-round. Learn more about the life of George Anderson. Scientists, experts and adventurers head into Yosemite to see how these global changes are affecting one of America’s greatest wildernesses. Have had lots of useful advice from this forum already but have another question which may sound a bit stupid. During winter the park is quiet while clothed in deep snow, but it is just a matter of time before the warmer temperatures of spring bring Yosemite Valley back to life. Not only is this walk stroller and wheelchair friendly, but it is also only 1 mile long, which means that you can walk it without having to spend too much tine out in the cold. This week, personnel from Yosemite’s Search and … There. In Yosemite water is its life blood. One may also ask, how cold is the water in Yosemite? But it was the failure of one of the largest mines that led to todays Tioga Road. the water could not erode them, and the massive rock outcroppings and domes Come see for yourself. We spent a week in Yosemite in April and fell in love with the special vibe of Yosemite valley in the spring. The temperatures in winter in Yosemite Valley are not too bad. Modern versions are much more affordable though! But before long we would become so accustomed to being surrounded by the If you choose to swim in a lake, creek or river, please note that without a lifeguard, and with cold, sometimes swift water you are taking more risks. During winter the park is quiet while clothed in deep snow, but it is just a matter of time before the warmer temperatures of spring bring Yosemite Valley back to life. Easy To Follow Directions To Yosemite Valley. granite surfaces, had only one place to go. Follow the Wawona Road to Yosemite using the old stagecoach route with fun stops for camping and hiking along the way. contributes its excess water to the temporary formation of large ponds, in the Days are shorter but the sun still shines for 6 hours each day on average. The source of this river is protected by designated Wilderness within Yosemite, and this protection means better quality of water available to people … Yosemite often averages three rain days for the month, and colder weather comes in the closer you get to November. It was a challenge to get the camera in the right position, with separation between the three trunks, and the sun partially hidden behind one of … Read about the Tioga Road and many lesser known park initiatives credited to this great visionary. The storms this year were colder than in recent years, with a deep snowpack at lower elevations. Water is still bitter cold in all the rivers but if you find pockets of slow moving in the sun it's quite nice. Yosemite Posters are highly collectible. Furthermore, it is one of the few areas of the park with no restrictions on swimming. Lower Yosemite Falls Loop (Yosemite Valley). Little did I know I’ve photographed these alders before, but never with their feet completely surrounded by water. You may not make it out if you fall in.