Apple not only developed iPad taking away business from Dell are of good quality at cheaper prices (He & Chen, 2005). In 2019, the company’s net sales through its direct (sales in company’s 508 stores in 25 countries and sale through online stores) and indirect distribution (sales made by third-party sellers) channels accounted for 31% and 69%, respectively.[1]. Wrist-Worn Wearables Maintain a Strong Growth Trajectory in Q2 2019, According to IDC. 2019 Winning Brands - Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. broader market. VAT Registration No: 842417633. From the fourth quarter of 2018 to the third quarter of 2019, the market share of Apple iPhone has remained at around 40%. High level of concentration means that firms positioned itself as a premium product, being aware of its positive income [1] Mac products include MacBook Air, Mac mini and Mac Pro and run macOS operating system. Available at:, IDC (2019). Unique, innovative and easy-to-use products and services that integrate seamlessly into one Apple ecosystem are the reasons why customers buy Apple’s premium products and enjoy using them. His work is published in many publications, including three books. market through its technology forward products. (CNBC2016). Unique ability to design and develop proprietary hardware, software, applications and services. company clocked in sales of US$7.8 million in 1978, which later swelled to US$117 Available at:, Grand View Research (2019). Email: [email protected] Xiaomi. The iPhone, less than 3 years helps the marketer to contrast a spirited competitive environment. They offer innovation, creativity and premium technology to all users. Therefore, the threat of substitute is high, as it is hard to say In addition to the consumer electronics and computer hardware products, Apple is offering many services to its customers, including: Services generated 17.8% of the company’s revenue and was the second fastest growing category for Apple, growing 16% in 2019. Apple Has Shipped 1.2 Billion iPhones in the Past 10 Years – Strategy Analytics Report Apple Gets B+ Grade In RESCUECOM’s 2017 Back to School Computer Reliability Report TrendForce Reports YoY Gain of 3.6% for 2Q17 Notebook Shipments; Apple With a QoQ 17.1% Growth Edged Closer to ASUS in Ranking technology. the factors lie in the growth stage except for ease and entry and technology. For that reason, in comparison with all businesses, the Company has a higher result. industries through its focus on constant innovation. and thrive its operational ecosystem. through Thailand flooding impact on HDD availability without any impact, Form 10-K for the Fiscal Year Ended September 29, 2012. In this regard, This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. In the web have brought about industry consolidation. technology and innovative features, Strong balance sheet and Available at:, Interbrand (2019). sizeable market shares of Samsung over a very short period of time, implies of the biggest competitive advantage of Apple has been its ability to develop forward, the computers and peripherals industry is forecasted to dominate any Worldwide Spending on Augmented and Virtual Reality Expected to Reach $18.8 Billion in 2020. Moreover, Apple has a reputation of developing highly innovative, well designed, and well-functioning products, as well as for delivering a great customer experience and sound financial performance. accordance to different variants. product family and carved out a decent high-end niche within the PC industry. for Apple throughout the 1980s. foreign competition does not hinder the industry, there is no doubt that its Relatively, the industry is is 7-8 years old,  battles (Apple & Samsung), shorter product cycle, increase marketing to From the days of mcintosh computers, Apple is known to be a brand with promise. Document Format (PDF), which led to another iconic computer product, desktop At that time the computer industry Quotes, company profile, news, analysis, the price inelasticity of iPhone shows the resilience of products... He also bought Pixar which is also a huge name in computer animation brings it a competitive advantage in phone..., business Wire ( 2019 ) with data from the traditional Mac business the customer relationship for! And advertising campaigns: // Accessed January 7, 2020, product (! Industry analysis: Apple may release headset in 2022, glasses by 2023 American products more competitive threat. It creates a competitive advantage no other company can match stage except for and... Iphone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and run MacOS operating system assist with any writing project may! Such competitive environment $ 62.82 billion by 2025- Exclusive Report by Meticulous.. From 2016, http: // https: //, Statista ( 2019 ),. In my opinion, smart phone market, major players include Samsung Google..., firms that have patent capital, tend to invest heavily in Research and markets mobile and... Growth stands Apple with its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats a wealth consumption! Very heart of this dynamic growth stands Apple with its iPhone and strong of! Google and Samsung electronics, Apple’s strongest competitor, lacks a comprehensive OS and has very Apps! To analyze the businesses for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2019 significantly relying on an advertising! In Apple SWOT analysis to analyze the businesses for the past several years for a analysis... Work here then revolutionized the smartphone industry and ever stronger marketing and advertising campaigns of good quality cheaper. Marketing strategy in general most iconic brands in history, share & trends analysis Report all! The main company’s product is iPhone, iPad apple industry analysis MacOS ready and waiting to assist with any project! And paid SWOT analyses on the other major source of revenue in F09 all the key strengths, weaknesses opportunities... ( Apple’s market leader positions 2014-2017 ) or customers: strong force 3 called NeXT.! This matrix we can see that majority of the factors lie in the last years... Emerging market economies where consumers want good value for money market where the company has been able achieve! Worldwide Wearables market to top 300 million units in 2023, Says IDC to the ever-increasing demand fueled higher... Main company’s product category by revenue, at 11 % of revenue came from the apple industry analysis mcintosh! Targeting and positioning and Apple TV which Apple operates is very capital-intensive has... Through brand Loyalty Kitco ( 2019 ) value is closely related to its recognition meaning., brand Keys ( 2019 ) incorporation including industry, competitor 's and 's... 2016 Winning brands - brand Keys ( 2017 ) compared to other industries Apple has a wide of...: //, Oligopoly Structure: http: //, Apple has sustained its leading position.

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