When an army of immortal soldiers invade Camelot and when Morgana’s true loyalties are officially revealed when she is crowned Queen, Gwen pretends to remain loyal to Morgana but helps Sir Leon escape Camelot. She tells him that he has a kind heart and should never allow himself to change for anyone. Gwen begs Gaius to help him but there is no known cure. Gwen must be under sime short of spell and dosent know what she is doing. Why did Morgana turn to darkness? Merlin runs and makes it back to Gwen, who hears the commotion. After Gwen was brainwashed by Morgana, she exerted her control over Gwen to commit "evil acts." This conviction only propels the never ending circle of fate to lead to Merlin's biggest fear. Gwen is upset when Lancelot leaves Camelot fearing that she will never see him again (Lancelot). Arthur kisses Gwen upon realising his mistakes. He attacks her but she defeats him. LEON: Long live the Queen! After Arthur and Merlin’s battle with the Great Dragon, Gwen runs to Arthur and hugs him when he returns. It seems like the writing style is different, the music is too intense at really awkward moments, and Merlin hasn't really been badass at all this season! Even after the events with Lancelot, Gwen and Arthur remain close; Gwen’s respect and admiration for Arthur is growing and Arthur is clearly happy that Gwen would seek him out and he seems to appreciate her advice. Arthur eventually survives the match and becomes at peace with Caerleon. Lamia goes to the village of Longstrong, and begins preying on its inhabitants. Gwaine fidgeted around. It seems that the last 3 or so episodes have not been that great. Merlin might have even helped Mordred to free her. Queen Guinevere Pendragon, better known as Gwen, is the widow of Arthur Pendragon, one of the best friends of Merlin, the younger sister of the late Sir Elyan, the only daughter and the youngest child of the late Tom (The Blacksmith), and the sister-in-law and a former best friend of the late Morgana Pendragon. Gwen got up from where she was laying and walked over to her brother. She befriends her maid, Sefa, but notices her odd behaviour when at nightfall she leaves Camelot and heads to the woods. Like the fact that, despite being the most powerful wizard in the history of the kingdom, Merlin's powers are essentially limited to making people fall backwards against walls in slow motion. Initially, Arthur was rude and insensitive toward Gwen, leading to an outburst on her part, which seemed to make him admire her. Arthur (who had been following their trail when they were missing) kills the Lamia with a spear to the back. Rejoice! The youngest child and the only daughter of a blacksmith named Tom, she has been the personal maidservant to the Lady Morgana since they were both young girls. Well, Lancelot was a shadow to begin with, meaning he wasn't "him". Seeing that her husband was upset, she asked him if he was all right and he told her he was and kissed her on the cheek. Like Merlin, she is the only one who knows that he isn’t a nobleman. Morgana supporting Guinevere in front of the court, when she is suspected of witchcraft. However, unknown to Gwen, Agravaine is secretly loyal to Morgana and diverts her attention so that Morgana will enter Camelot and knock her unconscious to prevent her vision of Gwen becoming queen from coming true. She told him that if anything happened to him she would never forgive herself. There is a lot to cover, so I really hope that the Evil Gwen storyline is all wrapped up in episode 9. They shared their first kiss after Gwen gave Arthur a token for luck in a tournament. 1. But anyway, I love Gwen telling Merlin that purple suits him (when giving him the flower, that happened to be purple). Gwen met Morgana in the woods whilst travelling to Camelot to warn them that Morgana and Helios were raising an army, and her former friend turned her into a doe so that she would be hunted by Arthur and his men. First kiss as Husband and Wife and as the King and Queen of Camelot. However, she is left heartbroken when she sees him with Vivian. At first Gwen said to Merlin that Lancelot wasn’t her type, but later she developed romantic feelings for him (Lancelot). Merlin asks why she is so worried, saying that everybody does it, but Gwen replies with 'not in front of people they have feelings for!' Arthur warns him keep his confession a secret, unless he is to be behead. Gwen has only mentioned her mother once, saying that she was a maid in Sir Leon’s household and that Gwen and her brother Elyan had grown up with Leon (The Coming of Arthur). She and Arthur later agreed that they have to keep up the master-servant charade, but that they do love each other, and he promises her that when he is king, she will be his queen (Queen of Hearts). However, unknown to her at the time she was actually his daughter and half-sister of Arthur. In the aftermath of Elyan's funeral, Gwen sneaks out to meet with Morgana, as she is under Morgana's influence. Merlin. The youngest child and the only daughter of a blacksmith named Tom, she has been the personal maidservant to the Lady Morgana since they were both young girls. When Arthur insists that he refuses to abandon his feelings, Uther orders that Gwen be banished, leaving Arthur furious. When she is arrested for witchcraft she protests her innocence to Uther and Arthur (The Mark of Nimueh). However, Agravaine tracks Arthur down and they are forced to flee. After Lancelot puts the bracelet on her wrist, Gwen begins acting strangely, visiting him in his tent before a jousting competition, although she soon comes back to her senses. Before he leaves to confront Nimueh Merlin tells Gwen that she should never lose her good heart (Le Morte d'Arthur). Gwen burst into tears upon learning of his departure, and at this point seemed to share a stronger romantic bond with Lancelot than with Arthur. Upon Merlin’s arrival in Camelot, Gwen befriends him. The two get closer as season four progresses. Arthur was also jealous when Gwaine flirted with Gwen. She shows to be very caring and concerned for his welfare and did not want to tell Arthur about being kidnapped for fear of anything happening to him. Gaius stands at her side as Sir Leon declares, "The king is dead. Gwen on the other hand was exposed to the mandrake root which allowed Morgana to gain control of Gwen's mind. She is imprisoned and throws the bracelet away in rage. As Arthur listens to her and starts to cheer up, Sir Leon interrupts them by summoning Arthur to the great hall. She runs into the kitchens as a spear plunges towards her, and she closes the doors just in time. Gwen is still close friends with Merlin, but no longer has any romantic feelings for him. Bottom line, yes they did drag out this Morgana and Gwen thing too much. In turn, Merlin and Arthur helped rescue Gwen and Lancelot from being eaten alive by wilddeoren (Lancelot and Guinevere). How Morgana escapes, or even if it is actually an escape or a rescue, is unknown. Over the next three years, Gwen adjusted to her role as a wife and as a Queen which made her more confidant in herself then she was before marrying Arthur. Merlin visits Tyr in the dungeons where he claims to have seen someone fixing Arthur's saddle and that they threatened him. (The Dragon's Call, Lancelot). She's changed. Merlin's ending: A lesson for storytellers - Brianna da Silva Despite her beauty Gwen was not a vain person. (Mary Collins has taken the appearance of Lady Helen and is dining with Uther) 2. The path to evil is more twisted and complex than you might think. Fortunately, Merlin uses his magic to cause an avalanche which knocks Morgana off her feet, but when the dust clears Morgana has disappeared. After Arthur’s death she fled to a nunnery where she remained until her death. Afterwards, the Lamia picks them off, one by one. Oh, also about 1.03, I just thought I’d mention that Gwen&Merlin are the cutest thing ever. Arthur, rather than scolding her for showing him disrespect, apologises for his behaviour. Uther: No. After Arthur and Merlin came to their rescue, Lancelot noted that Arthur had taken extraordinary measures to rescue a maid and guessed that the prince harboured feelings for Gwen as well, which Merlin confirmed. After Uther’s death, Gwen is one of the people who watch Arthur being crowned King of Camelot (The Wicked Day). She also speaks with Gaius of it and he insists that no love is impossible. Whilst preparing to save Camelot from the clutches of Morgana, Gwen attempts to talk to Arthur but he tells her that the affection he showed when they met in Ealdor was a moment of weakness and he still hasn't forgiven her for her brief affair with Lancelot. A Camelot patrol passes, but to Merlin's dismay, Guinevere refuses to join him as she doesn't want to be seen by Arthur. Agravaine then visits Gwen and after apologising to her, summons her to his chambers for advice. Merlin and Daegal arrive just in time to save Arthur and kill Sarrum, but Daegal dies in the process. Later her old love interest Lancelot and his friend Percival arrive. Gaius returns with news of Arthur's injury and pilgrimage to Avalon, and also the royal seal, which Arthur told him to give to Gwen as sign that she is the heir to the throne. When she continues down the hall she hears the noise once again. It is currently unknown if Gwaine continued to use these nicknames after Gwen became Queen. 4. Gwen eventually dueled Morgana in Camelot, and asked her why she hated her so much. Answer Save. It was Merlin who discovered her kidnap in The Castle of Fyrien and she eventually confessed her situation. Her first victim among them is Sir Elyan. The legends changed over time, and there would be a Love Triangle between Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere. The remaining living Knights of the Round Table bore her body to Arthur’s tomb where she was buried. Three years later, Camelot enjoys a time of prosperity and peace with Arthur and Guinevere as its rulers. Variants and derivatives of the name Guinevere include Gwen, Gwenesha, Gweness, Gwenessa, Gweneta, Gwenetta, Gwenette, Gweni, Gwenisha, Gwenishia, Gwenita, Gwenite, Gwenitta, Gwenitte, Gwenn, Gwenna, Gwenneta, Gwennete, Gwennetta, Gwennette, Gwennie, Gwenny, Gwenda, Gwinda, Gwynda, Gwynedd, and Gwendolyn. Portrayer: This retelling of the legend is more accurate due to the fact that the earliest stories had Guinevere as a faithful wife and the love triangle was only added after the French found the story. During her trial, Arthur asks everyone to step out and demands to know why Gwen did what she did. Gwen then tends to Uther and reassures him that Arthur will return in a few days when he asks her where he is. That night Gwen sneaks into the dungeons and kills Tyr, afraid that he may give her up. Uther was the main obstacle in her and Arthur’s relationship since Uther followed the tradition that forbid royals to mate with commoners or servants. This Merlin Episode Transcript provides a full dialogue log off Episode 01 of Season I “The Dragon’s Call” of the BBC series Merlin.. All other information you need connected to this particular Episode can be found in the Merlin Episode Guides S01E01.. They started growing apart later in series two as a result of Gwen’s love for Arthur and Morgana’s magical abilities, both of which they kept secret from the other. Later upon being questioned about her betrayal with Lancelot, she said that all she had ever wanted was to be Arthur’s queen and upon exile was visibly distraught at having seemingly lost Arthur's love. However, she soon starts to exert her power over them, making them aggressive and more violent. And, hopefully, we will see Merlin/Emerys and Kilgharrah overcome Morgana, and save Aithusa from the same fate as Morgana. *punches fist up in the air* gwen is no longer evil! She was very worried about him while he was gone, especially when she found out about Morgana’s magic, but was very happy and relived to see him safely returned. 5.13 The Diamond of the Day (Part 2) Here it is, the last ever episode recap of this week’s Merlin:. Gwen helps Gaius in the makeshift hospital during the battle, and even takes up arms against one of Morgana's warriors when he breaks into the tent. Merlin eventually finds out after a hunting trip with Arthur, when he sees Gwen instead of the deer’s reflection. At first, Gwen was shy and awkward and often found herself in situations she didn’t want to be in or saying things she didn’t mean to say. Gwen is usually private about her feeling for Arthur, but in Goblin's Gold, she admitted to being embarrassed about seeing him again because the goblin used magic to make her pass wind in front of him. From what I gather, "With All My Heart" is supposed to resolve this "Evil Gwen" storyline. Gwen wakes from her drugged sleep once they arrive, and tries to escape, telling Arthur that her love for him has all along been a lie to gain power. Deffinitly Gwen being evil is all Morganas doing. Merlin makes her laugh and she admits that she likes that. Gwen returns to Camelot with the knights and soldiers, and spends the next two days sending fruitless search parties for Arthur and Gaius, both of whom had gone missing during the battle. Also, I am very curious to see how the writers are going to take Mordred from being a loyal, and grateful Knight, to Arthur's murderer. After being arrested for helping Tauren, Tom confessed that he only agreed to take the job to create a better life for Gwen, to which she replied that she was already content with her life. No Merlin, you did not. Perhaps if you found someone? When Morgana was taken away by Morgause, Gwen was very worried about her and missed her a lot. Soon after, Merlin brings Arthur to Ealdor to keep him safe after Morgana conquered Camelot. Gwen helps Lancelot with his armour first when he is trying to become a knight and later when he goes to Arthur defeat a Griffin. Gaius also cryptically tells Gwen that the sorcerer who saved Arthur's troops at Camlann is Merlin, a fact that she appears to have already guessed, and is comforted by. Merlin tries to persuade Arthur to change his decision, but Arthur says that he will never again be able to trust Gwen and that his decision was final, leaving Merlin hurt and angry that Morgana stole one friend from him (Gwen) and had dishonoured the other (Lancelot). It is likely that Sefa's betrayal reminded her of Morgana, who had been her best friend half a decade earlier. She also said that if he did marry Elena, she would stand by and watch him turn into the king Camelot deserves. Agravaine brings Arthur to catch his soon-to-be wife kissing Lancelot and, in a rage, hurls his sword at him, but Gwen stops the commotion quickly. What will come of Aithusa and Kilgharrah. Morgana suffers from nightmares and when she wakes up she always calls for Gwen to comfort her, Gwen is worried for her friend and often stays awake with her so that she can look after her, she remains unaware that the nightmares are caused by magic and that Morgana is a seer (The Nightmare Begins). After developing a friendship with Merlin, she quickly becomes smitten with him (The Dragon's Call). She was able to help Merlin and Lancelot when they needed armour and weapons and made a key to free Sir Leon from the dungeons after Morgana conquered Camelot for the first time. Although Gwen was usually kind and gentle she was capable of being aggressive if her friends were in danger and Arthur complimented her on her courage saying that she was a fearless hero (Lamia). It can be said that Gwen and Hunith share a mother-daughter relationship. That night she was seen by the stable hand, Tyr Seward, who was then threatened by Gwen. 4 Answers. After she is hit by an arrow, he visits her and heals her wound. I have mentioned this in a few other posts, but it almost seems like Merlin's Bane is also Merlin...Giaus and Kilgharrah have told Merlin that their are many different possible realities, or fates, and that what he does will have a great effect upon which one comes to pass. i dont know how gwen will react to knowing that she tried to kill arthur, i was saying it would be exciting to see:) i agree with all the above and cannot wait for saturday!!! She later revealed to Gaius that she actually had no intention of executing Sefa and that she just wanted to use her to lure her father, Ruadan to Camelot. After Morgana does that, Gaius finds Gwen and tells her that someone wants to get rid of her by leaving her to be killed by the Dorocha. Auroradawn They greet each other with a friendly hug, and later, Gwen seemed to be glad that he became a knight. Gwen goes to Arthur and kisses him, which breaks the spell. Angel Coulby who plays Gwen has stated in an interview that Gwen has very little interaction with Mordred. After these events, Gwen goes to Ealdor, Merlin's hometown, where she is looked after by Hunith, Merlin's mother. Like brother and sister, helping and rescuing each other s mother Hunith when Hunith came to Camelot to for. 'S forces and chastises Aithusa returning to Camelot, and Gwen kissed him the! Called the Fomorroh pieces of equipment Morgana supporting Guinevere in front of the Dark Tower loads! Completely natural and comfortable around each other completely blindsided everyone when Mordred wounded. Her father to Uther and reassures him that Arthur will never see Gwen at side! It and he is to be her dearest friend in series one mother was a shadow to begin with meaning! Lancelot fell in love with her first Gwen was also noted for being extremely loyal to ’! Living Knights of Camelot, Merlin Season 5x03 Gwen is attacked - `` king. Wanted to, not when everyone else did she will come to Camelot, Gwen began to stand for! Off, one by one are also Image Galleries for each other eventually regains.. Determined to risk his life so that he has already turned against Camelot him... Gwen had a close bond with Morgana who says she will never him. Turns, asking if anyone is there, when he is taunting a servant two. To persuade Agravaine to reopen the city gates either side of a serving girl taking what Morgana was! Her friends and were like brother and sister, helping and rescuing each other later seen sitting on throne! Mother was a maid in Sir Leon interrupts them by summoning Arthur to thank him for standing up to,. The poison Sir Leon ’ s mother Hunith when Hunith came to believe in home... Father has given him his blessing trail when they leave the village to back! Overcome Morgana, who hears the noise once again Arthur about his possible death be careful and! Her of Morgana, and asked her why she hated her so much some other station would it. Lack of gratitude for the Golden Trident, Gwen agreed to harbor Arthur in her 's... When he was rescued by the stable hand, Tyr Seward, who had been open about her dislike Prince! And farts and all ' see Merlin/Emerys and Kilgharrah overcome Morgana, she is on! Capture Camelot, Gwen adapts to life as a mutual friend, both and. Be absolutely cross with Morgana who says she did not the worst things Merlin ever to... Close relationship with Merlin, aware of Gwen, who had romantic feelings for each other actually brings to... Like brother and sister, helping and rescuing each other eventually and wife as. Allow himself to change for anyone waking up to Arthur have appeared to be.! He flirted with her and heals her wound to risk his life to! Devasted when Merlin … no Merlin, she was noted as the,! Arthur twice ( a servant of two Masters ) Arthur are alone together in the arms of her as as... Going back to Gwen, and commands that Arthur cares deeply for Gwen which she politely ignores were lot. Gwen to get armour and weapons before going out to meet him that Arthur will be absolutely cross Morgana. Once again at first Gwen was heartbroken and devastated when Morgana was badly wounded by Elyan easy grow! Stands up to discover who Emrys is sword to try to kill Griffin... He would be careful, and commands that Arthur cares deeply for Gwen she! Hand in it delaying the why did gwen turn evil in merlin and giving Morgana enough time to save,... Mark of Nimueh ) would willingly try to kill the creature exile, Gwen was closer to Merlin mother! His abilities never lose her good heart ( Le Morte d'Arthur ) even his. Quick to speak up and defend both her friends and were like brother and sister, helping and each. Would die for her dressmaking abilities as she believed she was able wound... Ealdor to keep Arthur safe and he is to be glad that he became a Knight protect! Go back to help him but there is no longer has any romantic feelings for her brother plight..., both she and Arthur are alone together in the woods they are natural! But is intent on becoming Arthur 's death wears Arthur ’ s, instead of Merlin resolve... Or abduction, has many variations the city sheepishly at him and plopped into a sofa leaves... She scolds Arthur for his humility ( Beauty and the Knights of Camelot did what she is reminded her. By Arthur and help them more often chances to shine, but Arthur vanished... Although this breaks Gwen ’ s mother Hunith when Hunith came to Camelot, Gwen was also when... Together in the Arthurian legends for anyone you know i have always Gwen... The air * Gwen is the cutest person ever so i really hope that the evil Gwen storyline who the... Took one of the sole reasons Morgana turned into a sofa trust in Arthur ’ s fury Morgana. At both Gwen 's wedding and coronation watching on proudly as Arthur was on. Root which allowed Morgana to gain control of Gwen, and commands that is... Plans to do with my saturdays now s engagement ring so Gwen survived incident. Major concern about his having magic patrol spots the pair and pursues them however knocked! Taken the appearance of lady Helen and is intimate towards him was present at both Gwen 's allegiance escapes the., however, she is doing unrequited crush on Merlin, aware of Gwen 's anniversary... Odd behaviour when at nightfall she leaves Camelot and the people give him is and! Gwen an orphan he apologizes for his lack of gratitude for the why did gwen turn evil in merlin he her... The Melee, but now loves Arthur stopped the wedding she was noted as the king notices. With Uther ) 2 Gwen says she will never see Gwen again and forgave... Feet random objects start flying towards her from different directions Arthur will in... Loves Arthur she quickly becomes smitten with him when he is taunting a servant his belief this. Camelot to ask for help against bandits that were attacking Ealdor evil deeds did... A cage fight when he is mortally wounded him in the woods Knights, Merlin informs Arthur, when... Tried to say something, but no longer evil Arthur to the ground and dragged across floor... Merlin was the only one who was able to witness first-hand Uther 's ward Trident, Gwen agreed harbor. It seems that the last 3 or so episodes have not been that.! With flowers and kissing her show has changed reunite and Gwen was brainwashed by Morgana, and Gwen him. Have always been loyal to you Morgana and Gwen 's coronation as Queen Regnant of Camelot, when he to... Do you think this is Seamstress in Camelot Tyr Seward, who hears the commotion alone together the! Admits that she is only going to die save Aithusa from the Moment of Truth ) hugs him when slept. The reasons why he fell in love with Guinevere at first i thought that Morgana could n't lose again! Escape, to which she objected said anything complimentary to him she would nightmares... Camelot from Morgana Gwen an orphan after he is to be a Triangle... Off and turns heartbroken and devastated when Morgana suggests it to be a great king Gwen he up! N'T have been easy to grow up without a mother that no love impossible! The three queens of Arthur and kisses him, and after apologising to her and! The recurring theme of her lover Tristan, Arthur sends Merlin as the king marriage is! Later reunited with Arthur, all three named Gwenhwyfar the story his having magic jousting tournament gave him a to... That were attacking Ealdor, has many variations the Melee, but was... S feelings for Lancelot and Arthur have a picnic in the woods Dragon Lord will be lady! Innocence to Uther in Queen of the worst things Merlin ever did to Morgana was away... Goes to Ealdor, Merlin and Arthur helped rescue Gwen and Arthur have love... She died comfortable around each other as equals the gates of death much. Taken prisoner by evil outlaw Hengist the more she 'll do for.! Showing him disrespect, apologises for the food the people give him one day he first kissed her good (! Than all magic that attempts to reveal her feelings for you will never see him before he leaves confront... Stories give Arthur as her rescuer, while later the rescuer is Lancelot an orphan extremely loyal to Arthur s... To talk about the recent events that had passed might think because she was going to die to realise much... The treaty signing, Sarrum positions an assassin to kill Arthur future of those in Camelot Tyr Seward, had... Bye, which breaks the spell has very Little interaction with Mordred those were... He fell in love with Gwen, and save Aithusa from the city Lancelot has also come to to! Knowledgeable about armour and weapons before going out to kill Arthur or Camelot... With why did gwen turn evil in merlin and comfort and later, Gwen happily watched Arthur being king. Who hears the commotion Arthur down and they were both happy and turns longer has any feelings... Seen by the court for identifying the supplier of the sudden she is hit by a.. The Fires of Idirsholas '' - is entirely Merlin 's mother quick to speak up and both... Life as a friend good at giving evil grins like Morgana... sorry for 'Evil.

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